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Develop Your Intuition. It is a gift.


By Dawn James


While some people are naturally gifted with intuition, it doesn’t mean that you cannot learn it, too. You can also learn to harness its power and become an intuitive empath, if you choose.

Like exercising a muscle intuition is a skill that can be trained and learned. All you have to do is start training. There are plenty of exercises that you can practice at home to help fine-tune your intuition, and these are as follows:
1. Meditate Regularly – Meditation can take on many forms, from yoga to simple breathing techniques. Meditation allows you to clear out clutter inside your mind and heart allowing you to awaken your ability for intuition. One of my favorite meditations involves using a candle. It not only strengthens your ability to concentrate – but it activates your third eye and ability to see beyond the physical realm. (see Candle meditation on pg. 123 of the book Raise Your Vibration, Transform Your Life)
2. Limit The Use of Your Senses – Heightening your senses improves your intuitive powers, and you can do that by limiting one of your five senses when you are in a safe environment. You can, for example, close your eyes while typing or sitting down and combing your hair. You can enjoy a silent day or silent retreat where you are simply the observer. You can look at an object and perceive how it would feel – texture, temperature etc without physically touching it. Try turning the TV mute button on, and just watch the facial expression of the actors and sense what they are saying, and how they are feeling.
3. Practice Intuition Exercises- for example When your phone or mobile rings, imagine who it is before you answer it, Before you open your mail box ask yourself ’What mail do I have in my mail box today?’ Don’t attach any importance as to whether you are right or wrong. Have a pack of ordinary playing cards placed face down in front of you. Take one card from the pack and keeping it face down, close your eyes and imagine what colour it is.Have fun with developing your intuition, take these exercises lightly and do them often. You will soon begin to trust your hunches and feelings and discover that your intuition, is an invaluable asset in all aspects of daily life.

dawn-james-145x300About Dawn A former corporate executive, who had a near death experience in 2003 which introduced her to the world of spirituality, vibrational frequency and higher consicousness. When she returned to the physical world she was gifted with the ability to facilitate healing in herself and others. Soon after she began speaking and writing. Since 2003 tens of thousands have heard her on the radio, and thousands have attended her lectures, workshops and retreats across North America. Today she is living her passion and purpose, educating and inspiring others to live a healthy, high vibration and conscious life, and fulfill her agreement to teach others how to raise their vibrational frequency and consciousness. Her website

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