"The Bliss of Cancer" book cover

A New Book, The Bliss of Cancer by Evita Ramparte


Evita Ramparte not only survived ovarian cancer, she cured herself entirely. In her new book, The Bliss of Cancer, Evita shares her controversial methods and a positive outlook that helped her defeat cancer. Presented in a fun, sexy way, Evita details how to fast, meditate, and diet to cleanse the body. She also reminds everyone to embrace the potential enlightenment cancer can bring into their life. This isn’t an instruction manual so much as a guide on how to positively make the most of life’s worst curve balls.

Evita Ramparte is a European journalist, writer, and celebrity coach. She lost 83 pounds in four months when she took the natural route to cure herself of cancer. Her stunning transformation into optimum health has since inspired people throughout the world. She has been a guest on several European media outlets, as well as being interviewed by Cosmopolitan Magazine. Evita was also interviewed in the 2012 documentary Hungry for Change.

Whether afflicted with cancer or looking for a light, inspiring read, The Bliss of Cancer can provide you good information at an entertaining pace.

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