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Aromatherapy and Immunity


By:  Touch of Earth Aromatherapy 

There has long been talk of another pandemic, not unlike the Spanish flu of 1918.  
We are traveling more and to more remote areas of the world.  It is my opinion a 
healthy, well functioning immune system is of vital importance.

The word immunity comes from the Latin immunis, meaning “free from burden”. The 
word health comes from the old English word haelen or hale meaning “free from dis-
ease.  Health implies balance and resilience. As these definitions suggest, a healthy 
and strong immune system is critical in having balance and resistance.

The immune system is the body’s security complex!  It is designed to keep intruders 
out and to detect any intruders that may make it through security.  By intruders we 
mean viruses, bacteria, funguses and parasites as well as abnormal cells within the 

Abnormal cells, if not arrested, can cause problems such as cancer.  We have always 
had viruses and bacteria, funguses and parasites, even cancer.  The good news is, 
we are born with perfect health and it is the health of the immune system which allows 
us to move through life, interacting with germs while remaining free from infection; 
interacting with allergens without allergic reactions and interacting with carcinogens 
while remaining cancer free.

Since we are born with the capacity for health and wholeness, it is our responsibility to 
enhance and protect this gift.  This can be accomplished by a positive attitude, 
healthy lifestyle choices including healthy food, clean water, and good supplementation.   Observations and studies suggest essential oils may be a simple, 
effective and natural way to support immunity.

A relationship exists between essential oils and their effects on the immune system.  
For example, we know immunoglobulins in the blood (antibodies which attack foreign 
invaders) can be positively influenced by treatment with essential oils. Essential oil 
therapy is well suited for the treatment of viral and acute infections and improving 
immune response.

The regular use of essential oils supports physical and emotional health by restoring 
and maintaining vitality while offering pleasure to the senses. It is a well known fact 
that stress is involved in many serious illnesses. Essential oils work on the emotional 
body to calm stress, alleviate anxiety and promote restful sleep.

A recent article stated there are more allergy sufferers than ever in America. It’s been 
reported close to 4 million days of work and school are missed yearly due to seasonal 
allergies from just ragweed alone. New research suggests increasing temperatures 
along with carbon-dioxide levels are responsible for higher pollen counts and longer 
allergy seasons.

 IMMUNITY blend from Touch of Earth was specifically formulated to support the 
immune system by maintaining balance.  Remember, a balanced immune system is 
the key to health.  Strong immunity may help lessen our hyper-responses to pollens, 
molds, dust and other environmental stimuli causing allergic reactions. With cold and 
flu season just around the corner, frequent use of Touch of Earth’s IMMUNITY blend 
will help ward off viruses and bacteria responsible for colds and flu.

IMMUNITY blend has been effectively used by travelers, health care practitioners, 
massage therapists and men, women and children of all ages.

About Touch of Earth Essential Oils and Aromatherapy

Touch of Earth is owned and operated by Nancy Brillault of Encinitas, CA.  Nancy is a life long student of alternative healing, nutrition, environmental issues, spiritual psychology and metaphysical studies.

Nancy holds a clinical certification in herbalism, is a certified aromatherapist and has completed additional studies in the chemistry of essential oils. These studies led to her interest in the therapeutic benefits of essential oils.

Many of Nancy’s essential oil blends were formulated for clients during her years in private practice, and served as a perfect compliment to the herbal and other natural medicines utilized.

Touch of Earth is passionate about Earth stewardship.  By carefully sourcing our essential oils, we support only small farms and businesses utilizing sustainable growing practices.  The plants from which our oils come are grown organically, ethically wild crafted or cultivated without the use of harmful chemicals. This benefits all parties involved and customers using our blends consistently remark on their good energy.

The result is intentional – self healing and earth healing coming full circle.

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