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Be Aware of Antibiotics


Antibiotics have been the “go to” drug recommended by doctors to battle almost any minor infection including bladder, ear, or kidney infections and greater risks like pneumonia. The bad news is that this “quick fix” is now proving to have caused an even greater problem after decades of improper and over usage.

There are several problems that can be created through improper drug usage to resolve minor infections:
The lost opportunity for your own immune system to learn to engage in the fight. Your body has been built to respond to infections and fight them off and by doing so creates even more resistance. Obviously, the downside is that natural recovery may take a little longer than a drug assisted program, but in the long run your body may pay the price.
The possibility of creating strains of common bacteria that are stronger and resistant to our current antibiotics.

The World Health Organization (WHO) just published on Wednesday that bacteria resistant to antibiotics have been identified in every part of the world and may now lead to fatalities from minor infections. WHO Assistant Director, Dr. Keiji Fukuda, warns that the world is heading for a post antibiotic era where common infections and minor injuries that have been treatable for decades can once again kill.

Many doctors are now being urged to let patients try to engage their own immune system in the work of healing the body before engaging in prescription treatment assistance. Dr. Oz is a popular proponent of seeking healthy and natural ways of prevention and treatment as an alternative to drug use. He has featured shows on the dangers of antibiotic over usage and even illness potentially caused by the drug itself.

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