What is Bioelectricity?


By: Dawn James, Art By: Deb DeLisi

Quantum physics has shown that we are bioelectric beings with electric currents flowing through our cells, nerves and muscles. In fact, bioelectricity is one of the fundamental forms of energy in the human body. Bioelectric potentials (potential energy) are generated by a number of different biological processes and are used by our cells to govern metabolism, impulses within the central nervous system and brain function, as well as regulate muscle contraction, to name a few.

There are three types of electrical signals in human beings: The first signal originates in the brain, the second signal originates in the heart and the third signal, of unknown origin, is referred to as the surface electrical potential. Furthermore, the mind/body/spirit network and our personal vibratory rate are interdependent, and the mind/body/spirit network is influenced by our personal vibratory rate and by changes in our vibrational frequency (i.e., rate of electrical flow).

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Dawn James is a vibrational healer; distance healer, international speaker and author of the bookRaise Your Vibration, Transform Your Life: A Practical Guide for Attaining Better Health, Vitality and Inner Peace (English and Spanish). The book is also on,, Barnes and Noble, Ingram and independent and metaphysical bookstores in North America, Australia, UK and the Caribbean. Autographed copies are available on her website







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