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Breathing Clean. Healing Power of Green


By Dr. Shawna Eischens

The Phoenix area tends to rank high for polluted cities, but is staying inside the best medicine? Not necessarily, but how can you breathe air as clean as possible? Building materials, furniture, and electronic equipment are known to emit various volatile organic compound toxicants that have been linked to numerous health complaints including asthma and headaches. Leaching of trace chemicals can result in indoor air pollution, causing symptoms at even very low concentrations. Buildings that have minimal natural ventilation contained higher levels of these toxicants, indicating that outdoor air is better–yikes!
Hang in there and breathe in some green! NASA conducted a study on the usefulness of plants as indoor air purifiers and found that the addition of plants to indoor air reduced overall air toxicants. Some of the plant species reduced toxicants by over 80% in one day!
The most effective plants with some of the highest purification abilities include gerbera daisies, peace lilies, chrysanthemums, bamboo, and English ivy. Incorporating many of these indoor plants into your home or workspace may help you breathe a little easier.
Not so ironically, ingesting green can benefit you in addition to breathing green. Chlorophyll and chlorella are powerful green detoxifying agents that have been shown to help us excrete harmful toxicants including heavy metals. These two green heroes can be supplemented or naturally consumed in foods like spinach, kale, and seaweed.
Capturing the healing power of green goes far beyond asthma, headaches, and heavy metal toxicity. If you would like to discuss these concerns or begin the journey to become the healthiest version of you, schedule an appointment with Dr. Eischens at 602-845-8949.
Cheers to the color green!


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