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We Are One! How Can That Be?


This is an article written by Laura Pieratt, a dear friend of ours over here at HHN. We’d like to take the opportunity to share it all with you! Enjoy!


“This is a merged message of thoughts I awoke with blended with my guides perspectives through channeling. In truth, that is a perfect format for this message about Oneness, for it demonstrates that we are never truly separate in our thoughts or communications. Our thoughts and beliefs are programmed from childhood by our family and culture, we are often inspired by ideas that suddenly drop into our mind, even a channel’s own mind acts as a filter, and guides speak from their unique perspective. We must always run information through our own discernment and decide if we wish to accept it as our truth. But in many ways we at least begin to see what a conglomeration we actually are of many parts we tend to think of as separate from ourselves.

I want to begin by thanking you for joining me today. It is important for you to recognize it is a choice you are here. Perhaps you landed here synchronistically. I do not take for granted, and I hope neither do you, that each choice you make about how you invest your time and resources is a creative decision about how you will engage this NOW moment. I am honored you chose to spend this NOW with me and I hope to offer you something of Truth, empowerment and healing in our time together. At the same time, I remind you again that each of us carries our Truth deep in our knowing and must use discernment. So take what resonates with you and hold lightly, without judgment, that which feels a bit uncertain. For our Truth continually expands and someday that which you are holding lightly aside may feel very useful and perfectly aligned for you. All choice, intentional or unconscious, is our contribution to Oneness!

So what do we mean when we go around saying we are One? What does that mean and how can that be? How can we move past the left brain that blocks our understanding of integration and Unity telling us THAT’S IMPOSSIBLE! Clearly we are separate beings. Clearly we are NOT ONE! What’s all this Oneness stuff about anyway? Stop all that nonsense and get back to reality!

Do you deal with a demanding mind like mine? It has taken me ten years to understand the concept of Oneness, a concept my mind just refused to wrap itself around. For me it took many unusual, and often spontaneous, experiences, new psychic and healing abilities, uncanny synchronicity, and yes many miracles, to truly believe and trust in this interconnectedness of all life. Self-acceptance, self-compassion and patience were strong allies in this journey to greater realities, but nothing could have replaced regular meditation as the real key.

Do you see the struggle of duality? We live through a brain that interprets reality through two separate hemispheres? The left brain wants to understand concepts that cannot be understood in linear time or a limited 3D mind. The right brain is open to creativity, inspiration and intuition but is often blocked by the left brain, which results in the inner struggle of “I feel this but I think/know/should that.” What the mind cannot understand it does not want to believe as real or possible. When an experience defies logic or understanding we call it a miracle, or decide it is a mistake in perception or research, at our worst label a person who insists it is real and true as crazy (literally OUT of their MIND).

What a blessings it would be if more could get out of their mind and experience the miracles of life as they are meant to be and quite available to those who are able to stop blocking them from being part of daily reality! It has become my passion to live in such miracles and share them with others! So how can you begin living in the Oneness, that inner-connectivity of All That Is that allows miracles, spiritual guidance and Knowing to be part of your daily experience? Begin by embracing the knowing that Oneness is where All is available as a resource. Notice that word Re-Source! We are returning to our awareness we are always connected to the Source of life, the Source of Creation, the Source of all we need to live in the miraculous nature of divine perfection, the Source of All, what some call Cosmic Mind, others call Universe or Universal Consciousness and most call God.

Oneness is a quantum principle, a way of knowing and being connected with all consciousness all the time. There is a recognition that nothing is not part of the All, therefore we are all part of the All or “Oneness.” We may be distinct in shapes and sizes, purposes and passions, but just as the cells in your body each have a unique size, shape, purpose and understanding of how to perform their unique purpose, they are still one with you, part of your wholeness, even as they appear to be separate. They function from an internal blueprint, your DNA, which governs and coordinates the All within you. And so it is throughout Creation. Each aspect of Creation, large as planets and small as subatomic particles, has instructions deeply imprinted within its atomic consciousness and is in continuous communication with the blueprint of the greater All, God’s mind through what some call divine plan. The duality of the earth plane and its inherent veil makes it more challenging to recognize this Truth. The left brain imposes a limited logic, based on what it can see and know experientially, leaving much unknown and unknowable. There are vast portions of universal operations the mind cannot grasp from its limited perspective so it says that more either does not exist or is unknowable so can’t be relevant. But this is far from the Truth.

Not knowing or believing a thing does not make it unTrue, simply unknown and not yet understood. What appears as magic or miracles today will become a repeatable known predictable process tomorrow. You have many examples of that in your history and more will be forthcoming. You are on the vanguard, light workers, you are pioneers of consciousness and the understanding of Oneness. You are having experiences of Unity and integration that are hard to describe in words or through comparison because most people are not able to understand your expanded reality from their current point of view. Often the closest you can come to explain your experiences and new Truth is through metaphor, but even metaphor will not provide one with a closed mind a way to believe your Truth. Understanding will only come with the transformation all are going through at their own speed through personal experience.

So be patient, Old Soul, and walk your path of Truth with compassion and integrity. You are blazing new trails. Keep your eyes forward. Live in your Now with intention and Knowing. Leave it up to others to decide on their own if they will follow, blaze their own trail or stay right where they are. Love them as part of the All. Know you are forever intrinsically linked with them and they are perfect too, as they play out their part according to their internal blueprint for their own soul evolution. Send them love and peace, allow them their own way even if they cannot yet allow you yours without judgment or ridicule. Engaging such energies will only hold you back and re-engage the duality you are leaving behind. Go boldly forth into the unknown, cataloging new experiences and expanding the territories of the mind. Bring back a new story of creation to share with others with a frontier spirit.

You are all awakening to new realities, but they are not really new. They are only new to your current limited perspective. They are actually universal principles of multidimensional living revealing themselves to those who are ready to remember their wholeness in the Unity and Oneness of All Creation. You are always multidimensional, even while experimenting with forgetting that while incarnated. Now humanity as a whole is remembering together while still incarnated. Humanity is rising in mass! Mass awakening, mass ascension, has never been done here so celebrate! You are awakening back into awareness of your connection with cosmic mind, the united whole of Life throughout creation and all expressions of being–Oneness.

Let that Truth steep deeply into your cellular conscious and awaken the DNA that is timed to remember and serve you accordingly when you are ready to be the more that you have always been. Awake and celebrate your spiritual/galactic/universal family of Light. You are Love! You always have been and always will be, love, light, life unending. You are eternal. Pull back from your micro view of your life in your body, your mind, your job, your relationships to gain a wider view. See the Whole of which you are a part. You will then know nothing is separate and could never be. Without engaging the mind, let the feeling of unconditional Divine Love, intimate and personal, the very feeling of the presence of God in every cell of your being, inform you that you are NEVER separate or alone. End your sense of separation and open a pathway to let the great Truth, Joy of Life and Peace Eternal fill you NOW. WE bless and thank you for your time and open heart.

WE ARE ONE, God Bless! And so it is.”


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