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Restoring Health through the Miracle of Colonics


By Reuel Ari

It was a Sunday morning the first part of August 1982. I fell to my knees, folded my hands in prayer and looked up. I asked to be healed of the terrible affliction of ulcerative colitis that had haunted me for the last twelve years. Then, it seemed as though in one moment, I was given the clarity that I needed to face the truth of my situation.

Two weeks prior to this revelation, my gastro-enterologist had done a very painful and humiliating proctoscopic test, one which I had had many times before. His findings were very disturbing as the disease had progressed further into my colon and areas were “very suspicious”. I had suspected that there was cancer, as well as the severe ulcers in the delicate tissues of my gut. I was frightened yet relieved, and instantly knew what path lay ahead of me. It was almost as if God Himself led me through the next two weeks to prepare myself and my family to embark on what turned into being a 42 day fast. My health was restored by this lifesaving measure in the end.

About Colon Hydro Therapy

Illness, in my opinion, is no more than an extreme acid buildup in the blood, tissues and cells of our body. When the body is given the opportunity to cleanse and deacidify, watch out! The energy and wellness you will feel can be quite miraculous. I became a colon therapist to help others experience this awesome, restorative process. Whether it is mucous, tumor or other growth, some of this stuff is dislodged from the internal organs and eliminated during a series of Colonics. This, in turn, gives the body the opportunity to heal and regain eco-balance.

It is essential for our digestion to be working at an optimal level in these times of severe stress. Colon Irrigation is a gentle washing and expanding of the colon. When you think about it Colon Therapy is nothing more than a kind of Colon-Reflexology. The colon maps out the body like the feet, hands, ears, face and tongue do for the experienced practitioner. Expanding from the infusion of water, every reflex point in the colon is stimulated, and sends a signal to the corresponding part of the body, i.e., the liver or thyroid.

I have witnessed miracles on the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels for clients with infestations of parasites or candida, chronic constipation, skin rashes and acne, headaches, menopausal difficulties, liver toxicity, mental sluggishness or emotional difficulties.

Let’s look at a few of the common problems for which colon therapy can be very effective…

Candida by far is the most wide spread problem. Over 75% of my clients have infestations of parasites including candida whether they are aware of them or not. The symptoms of bloating, gas, fullness, diarrhea, constipation and mental fatigue or “brain fog” can all be indicative of candida infestation. Although ridding the system of this rampantly growing organism can take years of diligent lifestyle change, most people get significant relief from their first colonic.

Constipation is misunderstood! As a general rule you are constipated if you are not having at least 2 bowel movements per day in the average amount of 1 ½ -2 feet of stool. This is a lot for most of us to accomplish in a day and leads some into a very dangerous situation called “Impaction”. This unevacuated waste not only sits in the intestines, it putrefies and creates huge amounts of “toxic gas” which stay in the cells, mutates and creates all the inconveniences called disease.

Skin Rashes and Acne are generally due to a congested liver and respond very well to colon therapy, as the liver is stimulated and releases during the procedure. Everyone without exception feels lighter after a colonic.

Headaches can be a sign of extreme acid build up in the blood, cells and tissues. Many clients with headache have felt the toxicity actually filter out of the brain during a colonic. I have felt similar sensations while getting a colonic. Colon therapy absolutely works on the most subtle levels of our being, again, from the colon reflexology model I outlined above.

Menopause presents a myriad of challenging symptoms and imbalances. Many women in this category who have come to me have found great relief from colon therapy. Weight loss, hormonal balance, clearer thinking and emotional stability are some of the benefits women have received from my treatments.

Hepatitis and other Liver and Digestive Congestion is relieved when the liver and gallbladder actually release bile and stored up waste in the form of toxic mucous and gas during a colonic.

The liver is the most neglected organ of the human body but responds very well with colon therapy in all cases. Much of the bloating and crampy feeling that people experience is relieved through colon therapy…

About Reul Ari:

Reuel Ari and his wife Mariko are partners at the Digestive Wellness Center on 450 Jordan Road, Sedona, Arizona where they offer a wide range of healing modalities including: Colon Therapy, Living Foods Education, Wellness Coaching, Laser Rejuvenation, Mystical Feng Shui, Feng Shui Readings, Sacred Space Clearing, Personal Transformation Ceremonies, Spirit Medicine Journeys and Chakra Illumination Sessions. Call 928.203.0653 or visit www.digestivewellnesscenter.com for more information. 

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