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Healthy Thyroid. Dr. Tricia Pingel


The thyroid and adrenal gland work hand in hand. The key to treating them is looking at both systems.  Also taking into consideration for women, menstrual cycles and for men testosterone is important, considering all of these hormones work together in unison.  When it comes to treating the thyroid it doesn’t work just to look exclusively at the thyroid. When it comes to therapy there are natural thyroid options that give a little bit of T3 and T4 which allows the thyroid to work more optimally.  Also if  the adrenal glands are supported it has been shown  that  its possible for a full reduction in autoimmune thyroid conditions, reducing the antibodies down to zero and completely reversing hashimoto thyroiditis. The key when treating any endocrine disruption is to look at all the hormones at one time and treat each patient differently and independently.


Dr. Pingel explains more at HHN YouTube! 

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