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Improve Your Digestion


By Dr David Alan Stomach problems have become a leading health complaint among Americans, especially women. People are popping Tums like candy and take all sorts of pills to cover up their symptoms of heartburn, indigestion, gas and acid reflux. There are better choices. “Certain foods, create digestive problems which can lead to other more significant health issues. But if you know a few tips, you’ll alleviate ulcers, indigestion, heartburn, nausea and a whole host of other ailments.” Hold The Potatoes Avoid eating red meat with starches, The body uses different enzymes to break down red meat than it uses for starches, so when you mix them together, there can be discomfort. Try meat with veggies and skip the starch. Many people who struggle with weight have poor gut function. Simplifying the way you eat can help. Eat Fruit As Snacks Between Meals Fruits are a fast-digesting food. Fruits are a great between-meals snack to keep blood sugar levels stable and deter overeating when mealtime rolls around. Drink More Water, But Less During Meals Downing a glass of water half an hour before a meal is a fantastic tip to keep you from over-eating and can help you forget about food when you’re not really hungry. With your mealtime however keep liquids to a minimum. Chewing sends the signal that food is coming causing a release of digestive enzymes, when that’s followed by a slug of liquid, the digestive enzymes are diluted slowing your digestion. Forget the Bread Most people overload on grains and dairy. As a result, their bodies cannot utilize all of what they are consuming. To make matters worse their choice is usually a bread made of heavily processed white flour. Essentially empty of nutritional value. White bread and white flour causes your colon to become sluggish, and hampers the absorption of nutritional vitamins and minerals. Do not be fooled by labels that say fortified with vitamins and minerals… These companies strip all the good out of grains with bleaching and heavy processing then add cheap synthetic vitamins which your body will reject. Give it a test. Make a commitment to eliminate breads for a period of 10 days to 2 weeks. See how you feel. You will notice more energy, less sluggishness, more alert and higher level of focus. If you have been on a low nutritional diet for a long period of time, (fast food, highly processed food, white flour, white sugar) you should look into the benefits to detoxing, and colon cleanse. No More Bubbles Carbonation is a bloat, and it actually causes a depletion of minerals. Adding carbonated drinks to your body has a bad effect on your stomach, heart, liver and gall bladder — not to mention it’s a real irritant to the abdominal area.” Especially stay away from diet carbonated drinks as these also add an increase chance of cancer, brain damage and they cause your body to crave carbohydrates. INSTEAD: drink fresh vegetable juice, water, natural fruit juices and herbal teas. Dr David Alan retired from private practice after logging over 220,000 patient visits in 20+ years in practice. He then developed a team of health experts to uncover the truth regarding weight loss. This turned into an 8 year quest and now together they are releasing the antidote to FAT with the Doctor Directed 14day Weight Loss Program. You can find it at and my blog is
Article Source: Dr. David Alan

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