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How Music Increases Intelligence, Health & Energy


By Listening to Music

By: Jill Mattson, author, composer, artist

I have studied antiquity for over ten years. As I am a musician and a composer, I noted that the secret society’s, such as the Tibetan monks, ancient Hindi, ancient Chinese and various mystery schools, have little tidbits on how to use music to increase your IQ, health and energy. (They often refer to mind, body and spirit as consciousness.) Much of the information was handed down verbally, because sound is powerful and they did not want the information to get in the wrong hands. I have pieced these tidbit together, along with a book I wrote on modern researchers who use these techniques, proving that many of them work with the scientific method. So here is some information…just the tip of the iceberg! Music is entertainment. Is that what you think? Well I have a surprise for you! Music is a powerful tool you can change your very cells of your body, your mental IQ and your spirituality!!! I’ll take you on a little adventure through the study of a few aspects of music, but get ready for a shock!

Music Aspect #1; Intervals

An interval is two different pitches, sounded at the same time. Here are some tidbits about music, that are sure to amaze you. Certain intervals give us different feelings. For example, a major fifth interval produces a feeling like we are in church, listening to pristine harmony. Yet, a major seventh interval produces a moody feeling and a minor third creates a melancholy feel. Therefore, different intervals create unique feelings and moods, but I bet you already knew that.

Hold on….I bet you don’t know the next point. When the brain hears tones that are extremely close to the ears (like when you wear headphones) the brain can only “hear” one tone at a time. Since it can’t hear both at the same time, if you play a different tone in each ear (with head phones), then the brain will take the speed of each tone (a vibration), average them and you hear a pulsing sound of the average of the two tones. What is thrilling about this, is that you have just introduced “whole brain” functioning…both your right and left brains are working at the same time. What a significant increase in intelligence you can obtain, just by listening! How about doing this before that big test? Remember that an interval is two different pitches played at the same time.

Pitches are sound waves, which have humps like an inchworm. When the crest (or high part) of two sound waves over lap, the waves combine into one wave – the size of both combined. The exact opposite occurs when the crest and the low point of sound waves overlap, they cancel each other out and there is no longer a wave. Simply put, sound waves are energy and when two or more interact, they change each other. Likewise, intervals create and take away energy. Doesn’t it feel like some music takes you down and other music energizes you up? But, did you know it was a scientific phenomenon? …Some music actually creates energy? …And other intervals decrease energy?

Music Aspect #2; Pitch

French physicist, Joel Sternheimer, showed that recorded plant melodies (from the amino acids in plants), when played back to the same plant, increased its growth (by 250 percent) and its resilience to drought and disease. I wonder what melodies heal us? When the pitches of human voices are taken up three octaves, they resemble crickets. When the human voices are raised five octaves the pitch sounds like bird chirps. Raised yet further to nine octaves, the sounds are now similar to dolphin songs. Finally if raised further they resemble sounds similar those recorded in the heavens with our satellites. Is there communication on an unconscious level with nature? Are we literally all-together singing our part in the uni- verse (“uni” meaning one and “verse” meaning song)? Are we singing in harmony? Are we out of tune? Does the song from the universe affect us like the plant, producing growth and resilience to disease?

Certain pitches do things such as vibrate at the same rate as healthy DNA. Sound can help us tune our DNA! There are also specific pitches for growth, psychic phenomena and other helpful activities. By listening to special music you can create these specific experiences. The French doctor, Alfred Tomatis, demonstrated that higher pitches charge the brain, giving us energy, an electric charge necessary to stimulate certain levels of consciousness. Using what he called filtered and gated music (variations of EQ), he created tapes that diminished learning disabilities and gave abundant energy to listeners. He also used this music to enable people to overcome emotional issues. Music isn’t like a gift, but it is like a gift-box. Scientists have also documented that certain frequencies in the brain create enormously beneficially chemicals right in our brain.

Best yet, music creates these very same frequencies in the brain! Some of the chemicals that a brain produces while vibrating at certain frequencies are: endorphins (for feeling good), catecholamines (vital for memory and learning), DHEA (increase resistance to disease), lowered cortisol (slows the aging process), vasopressin (boosts serotonin to ease pain) and melotonin (sleep aid). These organic brain chemicals, homegrown in our own brain, are inexpensive! Some of the documented benefits from your brain vibrating at certain frequencies are experiencing; tranquility, pain control, creativity, euphoria, excitement, focused attention, enhanced problem solving, increased memory, accelerated healing, behavior modification, improvements in mental and emotional health. Can you imagine some day we may get a prescriptive song rather than a prescription? Surely music is far more powerful than we realize!

Music Aspect #3; Rhythm

Many have said that the human body is an instrument with the heart rhythm being the primal pulse. The heart is our constant drummer. Rhythm affects our pulse and heart rate, breath, stress response, voice and walking/ activity speed. A healing rhythm increases or slows our energy down, strengthening the elasticity of our pulse, helping us gain vitality. Our own rhythms can be a more complete expression of who we are than we realize.

On a busy street watch the variations of walking. Some bounce, others shuffle and a few march. Some are rigid, others flexible. Still more variations are jerkiness versus regularity of rhythm, or a calm rhythm versus a rushed one. Our personality and emotions can be revealed in the rhythm of our walk. Words are a rhythm. Our rate of speaking and associated movements is an expression of who we are, in fact they often show our underlining meaning beneath our words. While our words may say one thing, our rhythm of words and body language can say another, revealing a deeper truth. In the womb, we hear our first communication with the rhythm of the mother’s heartbeat, our first communication. We receive reassurance through a steady rhythm.

Reinhard Flatischler has said, “The drum returns my energy by translating it into audible rhythm and thus completes a circuit of energy that allows me to connect with my own power.” The rhythm expresses our own energy and power. We have been surrounded by a great power all of our lives (music), yet we just never knew it. It is like the treasures of King Tutt’s tomb have been hidden in our living room all along! With conscious selection of what we listen to, we can uplift our lives by something so simple and, at times, free… just by listening listening!!!  

 About Jill Mattson:

Jill MattsonJill wrote Transformative Power In Sound: Intelligence, Health and Energy Through the Magic of Music, and lectures throughout the U.S. on this topic. She has numerous CDs out, with healing and transforming energy that she has learned about in antiquity. Also, visit Jill’s cyber gallery of art, fluid and evoking paintings and prints at www.jillswingsoflight.com.

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