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Insects Disease and Optimal Immunity


By Nancy Brillault

If you live on planet earth it would be nearly impossible not to notice what an unusual year it has been.  Earthquakes, heat waves, drought, floods, fires and crop failures were regular headlines.  Most would agree, even the skeptics, climate change is for real.

Accompanying these climactic changes has been a much higher incidence in insect populations, including mosquitoes, ticks and fleas, and they are not traveling alone.  Many of these insects are carrying diseases such as West Nile virus, Lyme disease, Rocky Mountain spotted fever and valley fever. The viruses, parasites and bacteria pose serious health problems for humans.  Today there are health care providers who specialize in these infectious diseases.

Newspapers, the Internet and even Facebook have been a regular reminder of the changing world we live in.

The use of chemical pesticides is also responsible for helping to create super bugs, many of which are now resistant to these same chemicals.  This is a repeat of the overuse of antibiotics which has produced antibiotic resistant bacteria, MRSA being best known by most people.

What’s a human to do? Following are a few suggestions.

When in nature whether camping, hiking or just hanging out in the back yard, choose a safe non toxic insect repellent. This implies synthetic, chemical free.

If there ever was a time to optimize the immune system, it’s NOW!  What does your lifestyle look like? Is it time for change?  This may mean a few minor adjustments for some or a major overhaul for others.

Lifestyle includes but is not limited to diet, exercise, sleep-patterns, stress- management and relaxation techniques.  It may also include remedies for imbalances. 

Begin at the beginning, with diet, as it’s the basis for everything else.  Hippocrates did say let food be your medicine……

Clean water and real food does imply unsprayed, seasonal, local and no GMO’s!  Since 80 percent of the immune system is located in the gut, can you think of a better way to begin to optimize immunity?

Here’s a fact; 75 percent of Americans are chronically dehydrated (compared to 50 percent of the rest of the world).  Dehydration is 100 percent preventable.  Proper hydration can prevent a myriad of health problem and eliminate many symptoms of on-going health issues.  (The Bodies Many Cries for Water, Xavier Rudd and Izantaba)

About Touch of Earth…

Touch of Earth is owned and operated by Nancy Brillault of Encinitas, CA. Nancy is a life long student of alternative healing, nutrition, environmental issues, spiritual psychology and metaphysical studies.

Nancy holds a clinical certification in herbalism, is a certified aromatherapist and has completed additional studies in the chemistry of essential oils. These studies led to her interest in the therapeutic benefits of essential oils.

Many of Nancy’s essential oil blends were formulated for clients during her years in private practice, and served as a perfect compliment to the herbal and other natural medicines utilized.

Touch of Earth is passionate about Earth stewardship. By carefully sourcing our essential oils, we support only small farms and businesses utilizing sustainable growing practices. The plants from which our oils come are grown organically, ethically wild crafted or cultivated without the use of harmful chemicals. This benefits all parties involved and customers using our blends consistently remark on their good energy.

The result is intentional – self healing and earth healing coming full circle.

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Photo by:  James Lindsey at Ecology of Commanster [CC-BY-SA-2.5 ( or CC-BY-SA-3.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons


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