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You are changing right this minute!


By Dr. Denee Jordan

Whether or not you are aware of it, you are changing right this minute! Human beings are always changing! Our brains and bodies house all of our feelings, ideas, fears, behaviors, and habits and our brains and bodies are constantly adapting, learning, and regenerating. It really isn’t possible to not learn and change.
This might be a surprise to you; especially if you have been trying to change and think nothing is happening. The challenge then becomes changing with awareness. We all know that serious change involves more than a decision to do it. The ‘yo-yo’ weight loss industry is a perfect example.
The reason it is so hard to change certain emotional reactions and behaviors is because we have spent years ‘programming’ our brains to respond in certain ways. Even though we are not aware of it, every time we think, act, or feel a certain way, we are reinforcing the pattern in our brain. Research has proven this. Think of it like a path in a field. First we can hardly get through because of the weeds and grass. If we keep walking on the same path, eventually we wear it in. Pretty soon we are walking on a path that is smooth and well-worn, without noticing we are creating it. Eventually there will be rut and it seems as though we are stuck or have lost our ‘response-ability’. This is often followed by frustration and shame, which only makes matters worse.
Therefore, you can see that many years of ‘practicing’ certain ways of behaving, thinking and feeling cannot be undone without consistent attention, patience, and encouragement. It is not a matter of will power; it is a matter of having a reasonable plan, consistency and patience. It’s just like learning to play the piano; just because you have a piano and understand the mechanics of playing doesn’t mean you will be able to play. Practice makes progress, but it doesn’t make perfect. You will make mistakes. If you beat yourself up, your will feel discouraged and disempowered. Change frequently requires help and support from other people and serious lifestyle changes.
Humans are the only living creatures that can reflect on the way they are thinking and behaving. Your body and mind want to be healthy. We are always healing and always regenerating, so a little change goes a long way. If you need help with a plan, support and follow through then seek it out. All great athletes, artists, and scholars had teachers and mentors. They did not become proficient without guidance. We human beings are truly remarkable. If you are alive, you are capable of success, but insight and commitment are only the beginning. Success involves consistency, support, and patience!

About Dr. Denee Jordan
Dr. Denee Jordan has been a practicing psychotherapist for 25 years. She is both a CA. Licensed Psychologist and Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist. She has an extraordinarily broad and varied background as a Mental Health practitioner, lecturer and trainer as well as former professional dancer.
She is currently also working with the world-renowned energy healer and Doctor of Chinese Medicine, Dr. Tatsuo Hirano (Energetics for Health) to explore ways that the concepts of Eastern Medicine can interface with those of the ‘Already Well’ practice to produce optimum wellness.

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