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Interview with Dr. Silvia Binder


HHN’s publisher Trina Becksted was granted media clearance to the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine’s 22nd Annual Conference in Las Vegas. Becksted caught up with Dr. Silvia Binder at the Conference. Dr. Binder is the President of Ondamed, a German company that provides biofeedback devices for use in alternative medical practice.

Trina Becksted– Would you please tell us about the Ondamed?

Dr. Silvia Binder – Sure, this device is called the Ondamed. It’s so brilliant because it uses a unique method of palpating a radial pulse while introducing subtle stimulation to the patient’s body, including auditory and visual signals.

TB – Why does it work so effectively?

DSB – It delivers very specific frequencies to the patient based on biofeedback from the patient’s pulse. This helps it provide a non-invasive breakthrough modality to promote stress relief and relaxation, enabling the practitioner to offer relief connected with various conditions.

TB– Why we should get the Ondamed?

DSB – The Ondamed allows the practitioner to bring possible weaknesses to the patient’s attention. This allows for a heightened attentiveness to one’s behavior, thinking, and emotions, which will in turn support the desired physiological changes. There is a whole range of health conditions that experts believe can be treated with biofeedback therapy. In fact, it is a very popular choice over drugs, because it does not have any significant risks nor cause undesirable side effects.
In addition to treating certain health conditions, biofeedback therapy can be an integral part of performance optimization at the highest level.

Dr. Silvia Binder has been involved in energy medicine nearly her entire life. A survivor of a motorcycle accident at 15, Dr. Binder is familiar with the pain and struggles her patients endure on a day-to-day basis. At just the age of twenty-three, she formed a U.S. subsidiary for a German-based semiconductor company, which grew to become larger than even she could imagine. This international business experience gave her the knowledge necessary to run ONDAMED, a device invented by her husband, Rolf Binder.

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