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Invoking the Archangels


By Michael Mirdad

In a healthy person, the energy and experience of the soul is one of flow, rhythm, love, wellness, and trust. In an unhealthy person, or anyone who is, or has been, in an unhealthy (traumatic) environment, the flow stops; the rhythm becomes erratic; wellness and love become constricted and frozen; and trust becomes limited and conditional.

This is not the way our lives were meant to be. We are meant to feel and experience the truest sense of love, peace, wellness, and freedom. But to return to these original states of being, we must first experience the miracle of soul-level healing.To create a miracle, or soul-level healing, we must be willing to confront our deepest wounds and most entrenched patterns. These can be found lodged in our emotional body, our etheric body, or even the tissue and muscles of our dense body. Releasing them takes the intuitive skills to see them and the healing skills to know how to access and release them. And since all healers do not have these particular skills, we should do our best to at least manifest the highest level of healer that our soul is prepared to meet. Then, when we are ready, we will surely manifest other healers who are more and more able to access the deeper parts of our soul-level issues.

The very idea of healing at such a deep level can seem exciting to some and terrifying to others. This is because bringing up such soul-level issues can also bring up all the hurt and various negative emotions that may have been trapped literally for lifetimes. Such former hurt and trauma is often then taken out on our healer or even on loved ones who are closest to us, which is our ego’s way of trying to punish us for doing such deep healing work. The ego is hoping that by creating hurt or doubt in your relationship with your healer or loved one, you will ruin that relationship and may never again want to attempt such healing.

Healers are quickly becoming advanced enough, however, to be able to access the deeper layers of life’s traumas and will one day be permitted to use whatever means are necessary to evoke the most healing techniques ranging from chiropractic to sound-healing and from surgery to breath work. The main point is that nearly all modalities of healing have at least some form of benefit. The trick is knowing what to use and when to use it.

Also, we must learn not to judge ANY form of healing. If it works, it works! For example, if a person has an object lodged in their body, the general public finds it acceptable to surgically remove it. And if someone has a knot in a muscle, it seems acceptable to massage it out. But the general public does not yet accept that a past life trauma can also be lodged in our body and with negative consequences OR that something like sexual trauma can be trapped in our body as muscle knots or energy blocks and can be released with proper healing techniques (such as advanced forms of energy-work). But someday soon, we will exit the dark ages of healing and enter a new era—an age of enlightenment.

When healing enters its new era, people will recognize and appreciate healing in whatever form it arrives. Furthermore, we will all learn to appreciate healing most abundantly when it not only affects our body in a positive way but also is felt deep within the soul. And we will know healing has reached the soul-level when it has positively affected our feelings and reactions.

When we have truly healed on a soul-level, we will find that the memory of people or events from our past no longer find buttons inside of us to push. This is not the same as having our emotions repressed. Instead, the final sign of healing comes from an absolute sense of peace in the face of even our darkest memories or pain. In other words, we not only have little or no reaction to the old “stuff” but we actually feel PEACEFUL despite it all. We will know we are there when the stuff comes up and yet has as little effect on us as a light breeze to a well-rooted tree.

Love & Light,

Michael Mirdad

At Unity of Sedona, we do our best to bring about miracles in the lives of those who seek such dramatic changes. We do this by creating a safe and loving environment AND by utilizing some very advanced forms of Prayer, Spiritual Counseling, and Hands-on Healing—all of which are designed to assist in accessing one’s deepest, soul-level issues. visit www.unityofsedona.com to learn more about upcoming events, videos and other resources

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