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Make a Kava Kava Brew to Spice Up Your Night


By: Susun Weed

Kava kava is an erotic friend of mine. Which may surprise those who think of this root from the South Seas as a sleep-inducing sedative. And which may dismay those who think of Piper methysticum as a standardized extract or capsule or pill capable of causing liver failure.

As for the latter, my reading, and my own experiences, led me to believe that my liver is quite safe if I restrict my kava kava consumption to water-based preparations. And, again from my own experiences, infusions of the fresh or dried root fermented in water are also far stronger in effect than capsules, pills, or extracts. I let my kava kava brew sit for 1-10 days before use. It seems to get stronger the longer it sits.

As to the former, I found kava kava ready to ease me into sleep, ’tis true, if I wished. I also found a cup or two of the brew ready to help me through a day of work or an evening of play (in bed). As always, the set (what you think is going to happen, or what you set your mind to have happen) and the setting (where you are physically and emotionally) have a lot to do with the effect you experience. Enjoy!

Susun Weed’s Love Fest Menu

Pussy Pesto

Blend together fresh catnip, olive oil to cover, lots of garlic, and a little sea salt.

Angel Hair Pasta

Whole Wheat tastes best, and builds sexual appetite with B vitamins.

Gar-Lick Bread

Whole wheat sourdough, doused with olive oil, covered with minced garlic, and baked at 350 until hot and crisp – 6-5 minutes. At least two pieces per person.

Sweet Potatties

Rub olive oil on one large sweet potato one per person, bake, covered, for an hour at 350. (OK to put gar-lick bread in to bake at the end.)

Wickedly Wild Salad

Greens Chickweed, garlic mustard, lamb’s quarter, sheep sorrel, wild mints of all kinds, wild madder, dandelion leaves, plantain leaves, violet leaves.

Flowers: dame’s rocket, roses, nasturtiums, pansies, day lilies, tulips, lilacs, lavender flowers, chive blossoms.

Extra virgin olive oil, tamari, and lavender vinegar dress the wild salad.

Kava Kava Brew (Make at least two cups per person)

At least 24 hours before your love fest, prepare your brew, using one-half to one ounce of dried kava kava root per person
Pour two cups boiling water per person over cut root in a glass jar (use a quart jar for two people) or an enamel pan (if you expect a crowd).

Let brew steep, covered, away from heat, until ready to drink.

Serve chilled or warmed, with honey and milk, a little cinnamon or nutmeg if you like.

Hint: When your nose starts to tingle, drink another half glass of kava kava, no more. Then concentrate on love.

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