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Kundalini Healing


By: Master Chrism

Healing with the Kundalini is not a precise modality. It is the Kundalini that does the healing and you get to come along for the ride.

Kundalini is an evolutionary energy that is designed for humanity’s next step toward luminous physical and spiritual expression. The Kundalini is in everyone. It is an untapped resource of divinity within us all that is waiting to be awakened and experienced. Never has the time been so right and crucial for a change of this magnitude to be explored and initiated. And so, let me introduce you to the power within you, right now at this very moment. Your Kundalini.

Kundalini is a very powerful and transformative energy located at the base of the spine within the last three vertebrae of the tailbone or coccyx, extending to the perineum. Kundalini is a natural birthright to all people but must be sought and nurtured with physical and spiritual practice. 

During a healing, the Kundalini flows through us, from us and from the divine connection within us. We do not choose the route or the quality of the application unless it is specifically given by the consciousness of the Kundalini. We do not trace or activate chakras or energetic pathways. We do not assume ideologies of expectation of where and how the energy should run.

Kundalini will pour from an awakened person into another individual or situation. Kundalini Shakti, the feminine aspect of the Kundalini, knows we are working in unison for the benefit of another. This is an evolutionary process that is given and received as siddhis, or an exalted skill.

Kundalini as a conscious form of energetic expression is the healing agent. Our ego and expectations are not.
Sometimes a vision or a direct feed of knowledge is given for what is required at a particular moment for an individual. Often the Kundalini will not respond at all as the pain of the strengthening of the immune and other systems of the body simply must be experienced.

Some people have concerns with what they perceive as karmic law involving Kundalini healings. Karma is an individual’s balancing of past actions, good or bad. If a person, through the expression of his/her life, manages to come into the presence of someone with awakened Kundalini, it is karmic consequence which has led this person into such an opportunity. There are no accidents.

The drive is to return home to oneness and completion with the divine source, God, or “all that is.” As long as the awakened person has surrendered within the parameters of blocking ego consciousness inside the context of the healing, these actions are appropriate and even expected.

Although Kundalini is within each and every one of us, it will only awaken if you are ready to receive it. Surrendering to its agenda within you and giving up ego control of your life is one of the most important aspects of learning about the Kundalini.

Sometimes people do not have mind-blowing symptoms of the Kundalini. After awhile, they may begin to doubt its expression within them. Of course, symptoms do help. More important, however, is having a lack of expectation of what you think is supposed to happen, as well as a lessening of the desire for the expression that others experience.

A perseverance of practice and faith in the concept can help to defray the waning levels of interest people can have. If you have experienced bliss or a form of ecstatic loving emotional response, then you can rest assured that if the practice and faith are strong, the Kundalini will eventually express itself in a more potent way.
It doesn’t matter if you are having strong Kundalini symptoms or not in order to feel the healing. Merely having a level of discernment that opens the channels of your guidance within the conduct of the Kundalini consciousness will be enough.

With a strong flow, it’s easy to feel the Kundalini express a healing agenda through your body. One distances one’s ego self to the degree that instructions can still be given, yet the ego expectations and habits of personal control are set aside.

A suspension of disbelief in the process is needed as our mental mind will constantly try to exert control and make linear sense of what is happening. If the actions are outside the linear logical mind, then disbelief can become a control-based blockage to what is being offered from the Kundalini. So really surrender completely to what is being given for the healing, whether or not it makes linear sense.

During a healing for deep tissue issues, I prefer to visually peel back the layers of skin and flesh to expose the damaged area. With Kundalini comes certain gifts that can be used in this way. For me, one of the gifts is the vision operating as a form of discernment that allows a dual image of what is being presented along with a directed guidance from the Kundalini on where to look and what to do.

The sense of smell can also be a locus for the determination of an injury if a diagnosis is needed. Hearing an area of imbalance, as well as sucking it out and spitting it away, as the shamans do, is another practice. Traveling as an out-of-body experience (OBE), through the injured person’s body to locate and communicate to the cells is another way of interaction.
A single touch of a Kundalini active finger can do some serious healing for a person. Sometimes touching of injured areas or places that would not seem to have anything to do with the healing is required. Alternatively, the mere radiance of the individual is enough and can be directed and given from a distance.

There are many factors involved and often the information comes to the practitioner instantly. So we must be aware of not getting in the way while staying closely enough involved so that we can follow the instructions that are given in an intuitive format. The practitioners will often “feel” how they are being instructed to do a certain thing. And yes, there are many commonalities. Even though we are all different, certain platforms of healing will be repeated.
Let us remember that divinity has no boundaries in its reach and effectiveness. From a divine platform, any healing can be given, even a resurrection from death. Knowing this, realize what endless possibilities you are a part of in giving aspects of love as directed by the Kundalini into a healing vector. Love is one of the strongest emanations of communication from the divine. When we love in an all-pervasive non-judgmental way, we open ourselves as conduits for the divine nature to express itself through the Kundalini.

So always adopt a loving presence as you proceed into a healing—always, no matter what. If, for some reason, you cannot do this, then do not proceed with the healing. As you mature into the Kundalini expression, you begin to feel what exalted gifts are being given for the tasks of helping others.

We cannot rush this, as it takes time and experience. Keeping the ego in a learning format is one of the vital first steps in realizing the frequency of communication given by the Kundalini. This clears the interactions to a large degree and intuitive understanding will commence. Always start with a loving radiance.

We are not here to save everyone from pain, sickness or death. While this can be done, it may not be appropriate in many cases. This must be understood, even though the patient may die. We are not allowed to change a person’s length of life through the intervention of an ego-oriented modality.

Actually, pain is one of the best teachers and love expressed through loss can be monumental. The lessons to be learned are potent. We must sacrifice our feelings and limited understandings to the much broader information of the Kundalini Shakti. It can work miracles if those miracles are to be given, making us honored guests in the presence of divine intervention.

© chrism 2009

Chrism is a native of California. He travels the country awakening the Kundalini in groups of people safely and with continued support throughout the many years of the Kundalini awakening experience. Kundalini as it expresses through Chrism is the teacher. He comes  from a place of disciplined love and disciplined intention within the parameters of forgiveness, helpfulness, kindness, tolerance understanding, trust, surrender, service to others, evolution and of course, love.  www.KundaliniAwakeningSystems.com


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