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Love for the Holidays and Throughout the New Year: Five Steps to Giving and Receiving the Love You Desire


By Dr. Mamiko Odegard

As the holidays near, our thoughts focus on family, friends, and ourgratitude for the love we share.

Whether single or married, this is a special time to practice Conscious Loving™, a wonderful gift to give to oneself and others.

Conscious Loving or CL is making the deliberate choice to share love and to connect more fully with oneself and others.

Here are five steps to putting Conscious Loving into action:

1. Commit to Showing Acceptance, Love, and Support

We experience a unique type of stress at the holidays. Make a heartfelt commitment to notice critical or judgmental thoughts and replace those reactions with tender loving statements and actions to boost the spirits of others. If you it is difficult to view a person or a situation in a positive and nurturing way, then strive for simple neutrality, and the absence of judgment.

2. Examine Thoughts and Feelings

Feeling irritated, impatient, stressed, or sad? These are common feelings during the holidays.

First, identify the exact thoughts which are feeding these feelings, then change the internal dialogue to one that is more accepting and supportive. For instance, if they say, “I can’t afford presents,” then shift to “I can share my love by writing notes of love and appreciation and framing these for each recipient.”

3. Stay in the Moment

Being aware, and in the moment, promotes change. When we are aware, moment-to-moment, we have the greatest power to immediately impact our thoughts, feelings, and actions to produce maximum desired results.

When the stress of family, holiday to-do-lists, gift buying, and unrealistic expectations flood the soul, stop just a moment and become aware of the thoughts, feelings and actions behind them. Then make the best choices in the stillness of that moment. Simply being authentic and in touch with how we are feeling and acting can dramatically impact oneself and others.

4. Give From a Genuine Place

What do we all long for? Is it more physical affection or having more fun and laughter together? Do we long to hear words of love demonstrating trust and fidelity, deeper conversations, and a sense of feeling understood?

Whatever, it is that we want more of, start now to ACT on Love™, by directly communicating and displaying that which we yearn for. When we give, the universe rewards by giving back.

We all hold the power to gain love and abundance now rather than waiting for someone else to read our minds and take action.

5. Create a Stronger Self

Know and feel that we are all truly EXTRAordinary. We don’t have to be the most successful person in our respective fields. Nor do we have to earn six figures, possess special intelligence or talents.

We are each unique and precious; an unforgettable jewel destined to have the best that life has to offer. No one is exactly like another, and we have been born to be loved and give love… to leave our impact on this world.

Like the muscles of our body that took time to develop, we are now able to develop CL. The more one “exercises” these muscles, the more naturally they’ll cherish themselves and others.

When one knows and feels that they are EXTRAordinary, they are able to give themselves the ultimate gifts of love, happiness, and success.

Here’s to everyone manifesting love and success each and every day!

Happy holidays and a special and loving 2015!

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