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The Love Note


By: Mariko Yamamoto

Throughout our day, chances are, that our inner conversations far outweigh the conversations we have in our outer world.

A Master once said, “Keep in good company.” Do our conversations lend themselves to being in the best company ever? Are these conversations what you would hear from your most encouraging friend or coach who cared deeply about your highest well being and joyous potential?

Begin to notice if these inner dialogs throughout your day are encouraging, useful and highly beneficial. If this voice were the voice that was listened to by a child in his or her most formative years, how would that effect the child’s growth, self esteem and experience of life?

If these conversations carried a tone, what would they sound like? Is this vibration and rhythm melodious and uplifting? 

Every note of every conversation is impressed and imprinted onto the divine infinite substance, which penetrates and permeates every space and in-between space in our universe. What song is being played and what are these notes attracting?

If you are feeling or experiencing anything other than what you’d like to be feeling or attracting, notice the conversation beneath the feeling.

For instance, if I am feeling anxious or tense, I may notice that the conversation underneath that feeling is, “You could have done more, or said something different. I feel fat. They may be think this of you or that of you…”

These conversations often come in at the speed of light and are like bubbles that float up from the depths of the automatic unconscious wash cycle. We can set the dials to a different spin. Begin to be your own best coach. The moment you notice a less than desirable conversation, switch the dial and just say, “love.” Every time you do this, you are shifting your frequency to the natural laws of increase and regeneration where life flourishes. It is that simple. We can remember the words spoken in the movie, “The Last Samurai,” where Katsumoto the samurai warrior, turns to Tom Cruise and says, “This has been a good conversation.”

We too can let our lives be a good conversation. In fact, we can let our lives be a grand conversation. A while back, “Dash” the movie was being sent through the internet. On one’s tombstone, between the years is the dash. The dash is the music of our lives. Let this tone be your never ending love note.

Just say,“LOVE.”

Mariko Yamamoto, Soul Coach.  Infinite Possibilities Sessions. Shamanic Feng Shui/Sacred Space Clearing Practitioner and Teacher.

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