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Meditation from a Modern Mystic


by Gary Springfield

Meditation is an easy and efficient way to connect with the incredible wisdom of your Higher Mind or what I like to refer to as your Soul. Why is this important, because your Soul is the energetic embodiment of perfection and is imbued with the three attributes of unlimited power, wisdom and love. When power is focused through the qualities of wisdom and love then every action creates more harmony, goodness and grace for you and the world. Your Divine Self enters into your life and bestows upon you the gifts of unbounded love, prosperity and joy that are your true birthright.

Why do we want to meditate?

The wisdom and love embodied within your Soul is analogous to the world wide web of the internet where you can connect though your personal computer (your conscious mind) to unlimited knowledge (Divine Mind). Just like the internet, when you are connected and online you can download information that will even upgrade the operating system of your computer. This analogy is true with meditation in that when you mediate you open your self up to be encoded with unlimited awareness that will begin to change you physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. You will find that more peace, prosperity, love and joy begin to be exhibited in your life. Equally important, the energy of harmony and peace vibrating out from you brings more love and harmony to family, friends, loved ones and society in general. The world will change because the waves of peace flowing from you and I will create peace on Earth. Earth will reflect this harmony as balance within the environment, rather than the chaos of global warming and aberrant weather conditions.

Golden Liquid Light

The perfection of the Soul is vibrating at the frequency of Golden Light and like the physical sun; it brings spiritual warmth and life to you. Most individuals are so caught up in their hectic and busy lives that they operate from the limited awareness of the personal mind, which is often reflected in the emotional turmoil, mental stress and physical disease of society. The Soul is operating from the perspective of the mountain top of vision and peace. Your Soul can see the pitfalls of the steep canyons and dark valleys that cause you struggle and strife in life. The wisdom of the Soul can lead you along the smooth path and the still waters to the fulfillment of your hopes and dreams.

The Technique

In meditation you retreat from the outer world by simply closing your eyes and begin to feel the body relaxing. In your daily life your attention is focused outwardly into the world, but now you turn your attention within and with each inhalation and exhalation of your breath you feel the body relaxing more and more. As you allow your attention and awareness to settle down in and through the body if you notice any areas of tension you can simply breath into that area of the body and “ask that area to relax”. The body wants to be nurtured and loved, and will respond quickly to your gentle focus upon it.

In meditation we should sit upright with the back straight. It is not a military posture of rigidity but a gentle posture of peace. If you choose to sit in a chair it is best to place both feet on the floor rather than crossing one leg over the other, which restricts the flow of energy. If you prefer to sit in yoga posture on the floor or in a couch or chair with the legs crossed beneath you that is perfectly OK, too. If we lie down we have a tendency to go to sleep and this can be relaxing and pleasure full, but it is not mediation. In meditation it is important to be upright and grounded so that the Golden Light of the Soul can flow down in and through the body.

After you close the eyes and begin to feel the body relaxing I will ask you to bring your attention to the base of the spine. At the base of the spine there is an energy center, called the base chakra, which opens like a camera lens or like a flower. There are seven chakras or energy centers in the body and they open by visualizing and feeling them opening wide. From the open flower center at the base of the spine I will ask you to visualize and feel Golden ribbons of sunlight, much like roots upon a tree, weaving down in and through Earth so that you can feel grounded and safe. Overtime, you will begin to feel a dynamic and powerful connection in and through Earth that gives you the feeling of great stability, strength and peace.

Once you are feeling grounded and safe then I will ask you to bring your attention to the top of the head….the crown chakra…and feel it opening wide like a beautiful rose or a sunflower. From up above you the Golden Light of the Soul will begin to flow like a cascading waterfall down in and through the body. Golden Light will flow through every cell, washing away the tension and stress in your life, filling every part of your being with the perfection of the Soul. The Golden light heals and renews every cell, releases negative emotion and illuminates the mind.

It is important to practice your meditation once a day and hopefully twice a day for maximum benefit. In the morning we set the tone of the day by meditating, and the Golden Light vibrating out from you will automatically begin to create more peace and harmony in your life and those around us. In the evening, sometime before the dinner hour, you can sit for meditation and wash away the tension of the day so that you are creative, fresh and dynamic for the rest of the evening.

Meditation is a technique that you must practice at in order to become good. Like playing tennis, riding a bicycle or any other endeavor, you learn by practicing. Gentle patience with yourself is also a good quality to cultivate, because like a muscle that has been atrophied from lack of use, you need to patiently exercise the muscle to make it powerful and dynamic again. Similarly with meditation, with practice you can feel the wisdom and love of the Soul pouring through your body and opening the doorway to possibilities you only dreamed of.

Looking for Results

Let go of concerns about results. Benefits and results occur; yet, our conscious mind finds it difficult to recognize them because of the relentless “chatter” coming from the external world. The lower mind, ego-personality lacks the sensitivity to discern the energetic shifts occurring in the virtues of the heart such as the feelings of compassion, love, joy, gratitude and forgiveness.

Your mind in time will become more aware and sensitive to the presence of these new energies and feelings as you nurture your meditation practice. Ultimately you will be able to observe new insights in your daily life and a deep sense of well-being and moments of bliss will transform you.

Depending on the individual it can take weeks or months to quiet the mind, so please be patient. Students find that if they actually begin to feel themselves loving the mind it creates a feeling of friendship to co-create life with rather than an adversary to dominate.

Being concerned about the outcome of your meditation practice is like taking a seed out of the earth everyday to see how it is developing. Exposing the tender fragile roots interferes with a process in the beginning stages of growth that nature does so well on it own. Depending on the seed, its progress will be very apparent at a given time and so will the outcome of you cultivating your meditation practice.

First, you are trying to be skilled, then you will be semi-skilled, then skilled, then highly skilled. When the highly skilled stage will come, you will be chopping the onion but talking to God.

About Gary Springfield and EnlightenU

Gary Springfield, A Contempary Mystic, Family Man and Founder of EnlightenU ….

Gary Springfield is a Gifted Teacher, Intuitive and Visionary. He teaches how to create balance in our lives in these hectic times by showing us a simple way to ground and open ourselves to the Golden Healing Light. Gary has over 25 years of research into the higher consciousness and the perfecting of spiritual harmony. Through his reading of auras and through his workshops and lectures, he has proven the dedication of his healing and teaching ministry in assisting others on their personal journey towards enlightenment.

The two key tools in his work are the Golden Light Meditation and the emotional clearing process. These tools provide the powerful framework needed to improve all areas of your life. The framework will unify the spiritual and mental planes of consciousness and integrate them into the emotional and physical planes. This creates the mystical marriage between masculine power and feminine love, which is the essence of Divine Alchemy. Once you have achieved this Divine Union between spirit and matter you will manifest unlimited prosperity, health, love and joy with effortless ease.

The focus of the Golden Light Mediation work is to become grounded to create a silence within. By doing this, you will move beyond the limitations of the personality and into an exalted feeling of recognizing the light of the Soul, which is your true nature.

Then through the emotional clearing process, as taught by Gary Springfield, you can clear your physical body of the tar like substance of emotion that blocks the light of the Soul from fully manifesting.

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