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In the Mindset of Miracles


From:  Pamela Ann Ezell

Hope you are happy, healthy and enjoying this toasty time of the year! By the way, whatever happened to the lazy days of summer? 

I am having a very full spring and summer that continues to be bursting at the seams with wonderful activities …weddings, receptions, anniversaries, reunions, birthdays. We also are having lots of people come to visit us. Some of them even moved in with us! Needless to say our home has been filled with fun, food and activities including fireworks for the July 4th weekend with friends and family. 

One of the sweetest new events in our lives is the announcement of a new grandchild that will be arriving in the month of February…a valentines baby. Our little miracle.

Speaking of announcements, births and miracles…My book, “Mindset of Miracles” is now in print and available through Amazon

If you like so many others find this uplifting information valuable feel free to share it with others so their lives can also be more blest and enhanced. 

I have also been doing a lot of traveling and training as well as writing other books to be supportive of you and your life adventures.  In fact, I’m in the process of putting together some exciting programs on a new website that will assist you in more effectively being able to live a genuinely joyous, highly successful and deeply satisfying life. 

These programs will be filled with videos and audios of my teachings. Some will include the actual training of my clients. They will also include written instructions. I will share with you how you can apply the simple laws I teach in your day to day life. 

I recently trained a highly motivated client in Georgia. I spent three days with him. He had some profound life awakening moments and was able to have them recorded. He shared with me that those recording have greatly benefited him and he continues to learn something new each time he listens to them.

If you are interested in participating in documenting some of these highly effective teaching videos, or if you would like to share some of your “Ah Ha!” moments of testimonials  feel free to contact me. You can come to my training center, or if my schedule permits, I’ll come to you. Your experiences lift others.

Many people have had amazing personal experiences and have a burning desire to also become a mentor to others. I am also putting together a program for those who know this is their life mission. You too can be part of this happy gathering of people and share this good news with others.

Some people are also forming groups for me to teach in homes, business  conferences churches, youth groups, women’s groups…including Young Women’s, Young Men’s and Relief Society groups. I’ve also taught at AA Meetings.

I appreciate your recognizing that you too can effectively spread this remarkable, extraordinary way of living with others by simply speaking to those community or church leaders and administrators of  groups and picking a date for me to come and speak. The home meetings have also been highly successful.

If you feel a desire to form a meeting or group, let go of any hesitation and follow through with those feelings! Your feelings are your perfect guides. You can be an instrument in answering the prayers and desires of others. Take action now! I know you will experience some amazing blessings and miracles in your daily life when you follow through with those inspired thoughts and feelings. I know this because I have witnessed these blessings to those who have already formed those meetings! 

Finally, help me to help you receive this uplifting supportive information…

Simply go to my new Public Figure Facebook page and like it. It is not fully developed yet but it is where I will be sending some regular uplift that will help you stay awakened. I promise to be respectful of your time. I know you will discover that this information will be consistently valuable for you.

If you are not a friend of mine on Facebook, simply send a friend request and I will happily accept you! 

Till next time…keep cool and stay awakened!

About Pamela Ann:

Pamela Ann Ezell is a powerful inspired mentor that teaches others how to command their world with exactness and even put a date on it!  That bold statement is backed by hundreds of stories and people who have witnessed these truths. They too have learned how to activate in their daily lives the simple eternal laws that she has taught them.  This award winning speaker and author is also a native Tucsonan and Renaissance Woman, Entrepreneur, Artist, Published Designer, Patented Inventor, Community Leader and more. She happily lives what she teaches. 

For more information, please email Pamela Ann 

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