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Power of Modified Citrus Pectin (MCP)


Top Research Institutes Add to MCP’s Substantial Scientific Evidence
Multiple published studies on Modified Citrus Pectin conducted at top research institutes have uncovered numerous cancer-fighting, cardiovascular and health promoting benefits, including powerful immune activation and superior Galectin-3 inhibition. As MCP’s substantial body of scientific evidence continues to grow, there is ample proof that this unique nutraceutical is highly effective and safe for long-term use.
Proven Galectin-3 Blocker
MCP is the only proven naturally derived Galectin-3 blocker. In addition to fighting cancer, the inhibition of harmful excess galectin-3 in the body is proving to be a critical component in the fight against cardiovascular disease, inflammation, fibrosis and other illnesses.
Offers Daily Health and Disease Prevention
In the fight against cancer, no one product can be considered a “magic bullet.” However, the remarkable efficacy and safety of MCP make it an essential component within the world of integrative therapies. As ongoing research further validates the many outstanding health benefits offered by this natural product, MCP is becoming one of the most important nutrients to take on a daily basis for health maintenance and disease prevention. One specific form of MCP continues to be the most effective and widely researched MCP available on the market, and the only one used in clinical trials.
MCP Fights Cancer
I have used MCP successfully for over 20 years as an essential component of my integrative cancer protocols for patients with cancer of the breast, prostate, lung, colon, liver, pancreas and other cancers. I have seen tumors shrink and metastasis reversed, together with significant improvements in patients’ overall health and vitality. While each of my patients receive highly individualized protocols specific to their unique needs, MCP always plays a leading role in all my cancer-fighting and health-promoting programs. The powerful ability of MCP to reduce cancerous cell growth and prevent the spread of cancer throughout the body continues to be proven in ongoing peer-reviewed research and the findings are significant: MCP is a safe and highly effective therapy with the ability to support cellular health, immune function and longevity.
Recommended MCP Dosages
For active cancer: 15 grams MCP/day (5 grams three times a day on an empty stomach).
For biopsy patients: 15 grams MCP/day (5 grams three times a day on an empty stomach) for one week before the procedure and at least two weeks after.
For cancer prevention: 5 grams MCP/day (on an empty stomach on an ongoing basis).
MCP in the Removal of Heavy Metals and Toxins
MCP has been clinically proven to safely and effectively chelate heavy metals and environmental toxins from the tissues and blood stream, without removing essential minerals within the body, which is a common side effect of other chelation therapies. The ability of MCP to safely and effectively reduce total body burden of heavy metals without leeching essential minerals, has been clinically proven in peer reviewed clinical trials.

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