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Organic Wines to Compliment a Thanksgiving Feast


By:  Elle Masters 

It’s just about time for that great American tradition that comes around every late November. It’s called Thanksgiving, and it’s a time to enjoy a rich meal with friends and with family. While everyone’s minds will be on the food, the adults at the gathering might be considering the organic wine selection.

This is especially true for those who are hosting or have been invited to a Eco Friendly holiday feast. Compliment your Thanksgiving dinner  with a  few bottles of organic wines from sustainable wineries, along with a bottle of organic champagne for toasting your host.

Some might think that selecting great wines for Thanksgiving is a huge challenge because there are so many different palates to try to please. However, while the host might try to provide a wide variety of  food dishes to please everyone, it’s not hard to provide a variety of great wines that go perfectly with the meal as well.

It’s probably a great idea to provide a variety of both red and white orgainic wines. This should generally cover all of the bases, when it comes to pleasing different palates, and when it comes to providing a wine that pairs well with many different tastes.

Here are some suggestions that you might want to use for your upcoming Thanksgiving gathering:

The Whites: You’ll want to select young, lively, fruity wines

A great wine that goes well with just about everything is the classic Sauvignon Blanc from Sterling Vineyards. It’s a dry wine, and it goes well with poultry and with vegetables. It’s one of the most popular wines, because with regards to a flavor profile, it’s light, and there’s nothing strong or outstanding about its flavor profile.

Another great wine that would go great with one’s Thanksgiving meal is Pinot Grigio from the Organic Wine Company. This is a light and fruity wine that is very refreshing during the summer months. However, it’s refreshing taste and it’s fruity profile can carry over well into a late autumn meal such as Thanksgiving. This is a wine that goes well with meat or with seafood if it’s served at the meal. For example, crawfish and crab dressing is very popular in some regions of the country at Thanksgiving.

There is also the Riesling form Pacific Rim. This is a German wine that is crisp, with juicy fruity notes. This is a white wine that would go well with sides such as dressing or sweet potatoes.

The Reds: You’ll want a selection that is not too tart or high in tannins

Pinot Noir is the traditional favorite for Thanksgiving with its fruity flavors that show well with turkey and stuffing.

One of the great reds is the Syrah, or Shiraz. This is a full bodied red wine that has notes of berries and spices. Since no Thanksgiving meal would be complete without cranberries, and sweet potatoes flavored with oranges and cinnamon, then this is a wine that would highlight those flavors, and would complement a roast such as a spiral ham, if it’s served.

There is also the Merlot. This is a very rich full bodied wine that brings to mind plums and cherries or blackberries. Because it’s so dark and rich, this is the perfect red wine to serve for a rich end-of-year feast such as Thanksgiving.

Finally, there is the Beaujolais Nouveau. It’s a national celebration in France when the Beaujolais is debuted in late November. This wine is light bodied, and it’s fruity. These descriptions make this wine a refreshing choice when paired with rich Thanksgiving food.

Whatever you choose, enjoy the day. Eat, drink, live healty and have Happy Thanksgiving

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