Transit of the Planet Venus Brings out Feminine Energies


The first recorded transit of Venus happened in 1639 by Jeremiah Horrocks who used the journey to measure the size of our universe. This transit of Venus between the sun and earth occurs in pairs every 250 years during June and December under the Gemini and Sagittarius Zodiac signs. Being seen at different times of the day depending on one’s location on earth, the transit is really a once in a lifetime experience.

Not only does this six hour trek between the sun and earth hold historical significance and line up the three planets, it also brings forth an awakening of divine feminine spirituality.

It is no secret that our sister planet Venus was named after the Roman goddess of love and beauty. By representing the heart and feminine (Anima) side of beauty, relationships with others, and creative and artistic sides of nature and people will be able to express themselves and communicate like never before.

While the Sun represents individuality and a more masculine (Animus) side, the coming together of the two planets will bring their energies together creating balance and unity. Our feminine energies will guide and balance our at times over powering masculine spirit.

The pendulum that was once fixated on the masculine side, will come to the center so that neither of the energies is overpowering the other and both the divine masculine and divine feminine will be in harmony.

This transit of Venus, and alignment of these planets, calls for a deeper new honest conversation that will heighten intuitive awareness creating a major breakthrough in communication. This communication breakthrough will enhance the connection between two people and will strengthen relationships in personal and business life.

The alignment of the three planets brings lots of new changes and new feelings on earth allowing us to embrace the new energies and experience a balance that will last for years to come.

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