Quickly Release Stress and Take a Deep Breath!


By: Pamela Ann Ezell

Many individuals feel stress from the rigors of their daily life.  Everyone from the stay at home parent to the high power executive is fair game to these disruptive feelings. But, there are simple solutions available to immediately release those unnerving experiences of panic, anxiety and shortness of breath.

Unlocking the Diaphragm

When people become overwhelmed with responsibilities or are stressed for time, they often begin to breathe shallowly.  Sometimes they even hold their breath.  As a result, their diaphragm locks up and their bodies panic. For good reason—they are lacking oxygen. As a result of the decreased oxygen, their ability to function, think and reason clearly is impaired.

That is the beauty of the human body. It constantly gives us feedback as to how it is feeling. Listening to that feedback is the key to recognizing if a shift is appropriate to improving the current situation. Feelings are the perfect guides to awaken people to take action so they can quickly circumvent distress.

Instead of reaching for an RX bottle, individuals feeling stress can simply sit up or stand up, slide their bottom jaw forward, passed their top teeth and breathe! Their body will then unzip from the bottom of their throat all the way down to the bottom of their torso. Voila! Their diaphragm just unlocks and they can now breathe deeply again (it is important to loosen constricting waistbands or belts for the full benefit of this exercise).

With the restored level of oxygen now in the body, it can then release those distracting feelings. The individual is now able to refocus energy and attention to achieve their preferred actions and goals.

It is also beneficial for people to take a quick scan of their bodies throughout the day to break the habit of locking up their diaphragms. By simply asking “How am I feeling now?” one can quickly identify if they feel a shortness of breath or any tension. They can then stop the mounting stress and do this quick and effective exercise during their day.  Soon they will master this powerful physical release and consistently create what they prefer to experience.

Slowing and Expanding Time

The catalyst to breathing problems and diaphragm concerns are often triggered because people do not feel they have enough time to accomplish everything they have on their To Do Lists. Shifting Time is a simple yet powerful eternal law that is exceedingly effective when people engage their whole body in this process.

The following is a brief overview of how this quantum shift in time can actually be experienced:

First, the person desiring to change time takes three deep MEANINGFUL breaths. With each breath, they envision gathering up all distractions, tensions, fears and worries from every cell of their body. They then fully release those feelings with each exhale as they continue to gather up all that has completed its value from the vestiges of their soul, letting it go with every exhale thus allowing this transformation.

Then, they take three more MEANINGFUL breaths as they allow a soothing balm of peace and clarity of mind to flow into their entire being, taking the place of what has just been released.

With the feeling of comfort restored the person can now state, while deeply believing this truth: “I now have all the time and more to accomplish all I desire to do today.” They also have all the support, love, health, well-being, confidence…that they desire to enjoy today.

Next, they simply quiet their body to allow this shift to happen deep within their soul. As they feel this genuine change, outer time will slow down while immediate inner time expands…It’s a quantum physics type of shift.

Finally, it is imperative that the person releases any wavering doubts and deeply BELIEVES this change is possible. They are to engage their entire body to believe and feel excited about this truth, not just their mind (otherwise it becomes a hollow mantra or affirmation with no active effect). When they flood their body with these excited, assured feelings and hold on to those feelings, they will connect to a divine power that will drive this ability to shift time into their reality.

Keeping Life in the Big Picture Perspective

Everyone literally has all eternity to experience and learn what is meaningful to them. When people allow themselves to internalize this belief, the boulders in life seem to roll out of their path as their opportunities to learn and grow easily and quickly come to them!

Pamela Ann mentors and teaches others how to create the life they prefer with exactness and even put a date on it! Contact her at: www.PamelaAnnEzell.com, PamelaAnn@ezlightning.com or 520-749-4950.

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