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Salt Therapy: A Natural Way to Treat Respiratory Diseases


How many people do you know suffer from a respiratory disease?  As the number of people afflicted with asthma, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) or chronic bronchitis swells to more than 500 million cases, chances are you know more than one.

Respiratory diseases present a very real and pressing health issue and are becoming some of the most dangerous and deadly health concerns of our time. In fact, the World Health Organizations believes COPD will become the third leading cause of death by the year 2030.

Modern medical practitioners treat these ailments by handing out a plethora of pills and pharmaceuticals, while holistic medicine approaches them with new and integrative treatments.  One such treatment is salt therapy.  While it’s always important to consult a physician before starting a new health regime, it’s beneficial to be aware of all the possible treatment options so you can have an all-encompassing conversation with your doctor.

The healing benefits of salt therapy, also referred to as halotherapy and speleotherapy, were first discovered in the mid 1800s in Eastern Europe. It was discovered that salt miners in the region were less prone to respiratory ailments than the rest of the population. Further evidence arose during World War II when Germans who used salt mines as bomb shelters saw a significant reduction in asthma and bronchitis symptoms. These findings were later confirmed and documented by scientists.

While most sufferers of COPD and other respiratory ailments can’t just hang out in a local salt mine, they can have the modern version of this natural healing practice: salt rooms.

As salt rooms gain popularity, many are opening up across the country to impart the healing effects of salt mines on those who don’t have access to them. These salt rooms are exactly what they sound like, rooms with salt walls. They replicate the microclimate of salt caves and have the same positive health effects. When a person breathes in the micro salt particles in the room, bacteria and pollutants are expelled from the body through a metabolic process that opens up the airways and allows for easier breathing. 

A typical salt room session is 45 minutes and treatments are repeated on a regular basis. Many salt rooms feature calming light displays and zero gravity chairs to create a relaxing and healing atmosphere.

Salt rooms offer a great drug-free, natural and non-invasive way to potentially alleviate the harmful side effects of COPD, asthma and other respiratory diseases.

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