Kapalua villas overlooking ocean

The Kapalua Spa on Maui


By: Trina Becksted

Kapalua spa is a legendary place to indulge in the healing powers of the Mauka (mountains) to the glorious Makai (oceans) and luxurious therapies.  Inspired by the spirit, The Kapalua Spa offers a variety of treatments and therapies, based on native Hawaiian healing and the potent plants, flowers, fruits and herbs abundant on the islands. 

This luxurious 30,000 square-foot Maui, Hawaiian resort spa embraces the healing properties of water and brings the natural beauty of Kapalua into its 19 treatment rooms and outdoor bungalows. Stone soaking tubs and dual treatment space for couples are nestled among fragrant gardens and relaxation lounges and showcase stunning panoramic views of the ocean and island of Moloka‘i.  A welcoming bamboo garden provides a transformational setting for this ultimate spa experience.  It rekindles the spirit and restores balance to your mind, body and soul. 

I decided to visit this lovely spa for the second time to experience and treat myself to the many healing powers the Kapalua Spa has to offer. This exclusive Spa is in a self-contained village called Kapalua in the northwest section of the island, adjacent to the Ritz Carlton Private residences.

Embracing the treasures Makua (mountain) to Makai (ocean), the expansive Kapalua Spa sits on five lush acres and pristine Kapalua Bay and provides the perfect corner of paradise for Hawaii’s most spiritual spa. The relaxation areas present a uniquely Hawaiian setting with expansive hydrotherapy circuits including steam, sauna, hot tubs and rainfall showers – all situated outdoors under a canopy of lattice and greenery. Facilities at Kapalua Spa are unparalleled and feature tranquil relaxation lounges, showcasing the stunning views of the bay and neighboring island of Moloka‘i.  An infinity edge sea salt lap pool with sunning deck offers another venue for respite

I met with Spa Director, Cecilia I. Hercik in the lobby of her Kapalua Spa. Cecilia was lovely and unassuming as she guided me toward the best treatment that would typify and embrace some of the ancient healing rituals that distinguish this spa from any other. Cecilia recommended the Awa Cacao Lomi Cocoon she said, “The Awa Cacao Lomi Cocoon Treatment is a very unique experience; it was specially designed for Kapalua Spa by Darrell Lapulapu, who is a traditional healer in Hawaii. The products used are hand made in Hawaii by him. No two batches are ever the same due to the vast difference in harvest for each ingredient. Local ingredients used in this treatment are ground awa, cacao, ginger, sandalwood, oats and kukui to name a few. They use traditional Lomi Lomi Massage techniques; the intoxicating fragrance of the Hawaiian cacao with the healing and calming properties of the awa makes this body treatment pure relaxation. A traditional Awa drink is served before each treatment to introduce the guest to the traditional Hawaiian awa experience. The service ends with a Pikake spray that soothes the skin and creates a beautiful floral mist finish. Kapalua Spa provides the perfect corner of paradise for an unforgettable spa journey in Hawaii.”


Bo greeted me for my  Awa and Cacao Lomi Wrap.  It’s a blend of Hawaiian grown Awa and cacao,which gently exfoliates the skin using lomi lomi healing techniques and lasts around 80 minutes. I started the ritual by drinking “ava” from a small wooden bowl. Ava resembles the Kava Kava that Captain Cook is said to have discovered in the South Pacific Seas, several hundred years ago. Ava is the Hawaiian version of this mild herb sedative.


The Kapalua Spa is indulgent with its cascading fountains, infinites of pools and the oceans omniscient presence. This backdrop is visible in many places throughout the spa and captures the spiritual essence of the ocean’s healing energy. I am so grateful to the practitioners, Cecilia and her staff, for making this a memorable and rewarding experience. For more information visit to learn more visit www.Kapalua.com or call 808/665-5452 and find your bliss on Maui!

Trina Becksted is President of CloudNine Marketing, Inc www.cloudninemarketing.com  and founder of www.holistichealingnews.com. She has the distinct pleasure of reviewing some of the finest  spas from around the world in places like Hawii, Bali and Malaysia.

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