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Cravings Speaks Volumes About Our Overall Health


By: Paula Muran

Are you one of the millions of Americans that needs that cup of java in the morning? Or part of the collective tiredness generation?  Have you become accustomed to the slight morning cough, hot-flashes during menopause, skin rashes and dark circle under the eyes? Is heart-burn and lack of motivation part of a daily routine? Do you crave ice cream, chocolate or potato chips? These little signals are the body’s way of calling out for attention—attention we most likely are not giving to it. 

All day and night the organs send messages. Louder signs such as pain, a persistent runny nose, asthma, chronic fatigue and inflammation tell us of deeper problems. When the physical body is functioning properly we are happy, full of energy and creative and don’t need a cup of java to wake-up.

Your body needs nutrition all day long. That is why you have heard it’s good to eat many small meals during the day instead of two or three larger meals. Your physical body is an amazing system complete with innate wisdom and sends signals to you requesting nutrients. Your job is to pay attention and provide them.

What’s on your crave checklist can tell you what is out of balance in your body.



 Here are easy ways to know what your body is saying. 


Crave chocolate? Need more love in your life?  Yes it’s true, chocolate releases endorphins in the brain that sends a feeling of being loved through-out the body.  I know this might sound silly but next time you reach out for some chocolate check-in to see why.

Crave potato chips, French fries or pizza especially at midnight?  The body is saying you need more good fat in your diet.  Essential fatty acids like fish or flaxseed oil will do. Best to take essential fatty acids after your last meal this is when the body needs them most.  Both potato chips and French fries carry a lot of salt and this can also mean you are low in trace minerals. I like liquid trace minerals and you just need 7 drops daily in purified water.

Crave sleep?  Can’t fall asleep?  Most times it’s the gallbladder and gallbladders love good fats.  Heavy thinkers keep the body awake too. Thinking too much can play havoc on the kidneys.  Kidneys get weakened with stress, over thinking, smoking and alcohol abuse.  Next time you are relaxing watch to see if you tap your fingers or ankles —this is a sign of kidney stress.

Wake up in the middle of the night around 3?  It’s mostly likely your feisty liver acting up.  Liver does well with milk thistle herb or lecithin both do a good job to gently detox the liver.  No more than 600 milligrams a day on the milk thistle though. If you are on any prescription medications consult your physician before going on any herbs.

Crave coffee?  This is saying your adrenal glands are fatigued and need help. The adrenal glands give us get up and go and motivation.  Adrenals like vitamin B5 and vitamin C.  Your stressed out adrenals release cortisol into the blood and too much cortisol in the body increases abdominal fat especially in women. Over time cortisol can also increase symptoms of arthritis. Reduce coritsol levels with the supplement phosphatidylserine complex at bedtime.

Crave sugar and sweets?  Under stress we most often seek out refined carbohydrates to give us a quick lift.  Sugar and sweets are not the body’s best friends. Sugar can cause a rapid rise of adrenaline levels especially in children, depletes vitamins and nutrients, increases cholesterol, feeds cancer, and suppresses the immune system. Many times when we crave sugar we are feeding an allergy or an over-growth of Candida in the small intestines.  Candida is a yeast needed to help digest foods but it can easily get out of balance from taking antibiotics and dairy products together, stress and eating too many sugary foods.
Sugar cravings are helped by vitamin B complex, trace minerals and increase protein intake. Replace processed sugar with whole foods like oranges, apples or other fruits even dried fruits are better than cookies or Twinkies. 
A hurried lifestyle and fear play havoc on digestive systems and it becomes almost impossible to digest food properly. Add age to stress and it’s certain you are not up-taking the proper nutrition from foods.  Start supplementing with digestive enzymes with meals.  Also the further the fruits and vegetables have to travel to get into your stomach the less their nutrient value is. Remember all things in moderation.

Quick ways to reduce stress:

    Pull the earlobes out and up for a few seconds and release.

    Pull your hair at the root. This will instantly calm you.

    Stop wherever you are and take 3 deep breathes this tiny gesture reduces a lot of stress.  We don’t realize how much we hold our breaths during the day.


About Paula Muran 

Scottsdale resident and Wellness Expert Paula Muran is a Medical Intuitive and Author.  As a medical intuitive she clarifies questions about specific therapies and nutritional products and compliments existing naturopath’s treatment plans providing a clear plan to wellness in the body and mind. www.PaulaMuran.com. 602-412-3590.

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