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Why Do You Need Hydrogen Peroxide in Your Body


Using food grade Hydrogen Peroxide is a new treatment that is starting to gain tons of popularity. You might think that using hydrogen peroxide on anything but open wounds sounds crazy, right? Actually, Hydrogen peroxide occurs naturally within the Earth’s biosphere. The product we see on the self that help disinfect our wounds has added toxins designed to prolong it’s shelf life. Natural Hydrogen Peroxide can be found in lakes, rives, and oceans. It is also in nearly all vegetables and fruits, in small dosages, including cabbage, asparagus, oranges, apples, watermelons and aloe Vera.

Hydrogen Peroxide is a nutrient. As we know, we need nutrients to stay healthy and be energized. This nutrient, however, is deficient in many of the foods we eat. In order to keep hydrogen peroxide in our systems we need to use liquid peroxide as a daily nutritional supplement in order to compensate for our deficiencies. When adding these important nutrients into our bodies, the potential for diseases increases. As you can see, including Hydrogen Peroxide into your daily supplements is becoming more and more vital to fend off many diseases and infections using a holistic therapy.

Using hydrogen peroxide as a therapy has been used by thousands of medical doctors. It can help achieve a multitude of therapeutic benefits that would be unthinkable with a single drug or mainstream medical procedures. Hydrogen peroxide therapy has been successful when treating: acne, bee stings, ear infections, gastritis, hives, poison ivy, sore throat, ringworm, pneumonia, insect bites, and many others! Probably one of the most surprising benefits that come from food grade hydrogen peroxide is preventing cancer! You heard us right–CANCER! Food grade hydrogen peroxide has been clinically proven to help slow the growth of and kill cancer cells. The main reason hydrogen peroxide has this benefit is because of the extra oxygen that it provides to the body. Cancer cell growth only occurs when there is a lack of oxygen in the cells in your body. Thus, the more oxygen your body gets, the chances of cancer cells growing decreases. Many doctors have used food grade hydrogen peroxide in treatment for cancer patients including having their patients soak in a bath with hydrogen peroxide. Lastly, because of the unique oxidation process that occurs within the body, hydrogen peroxide can also be used as an anti-age treatment! Keeping your cells healthy and providing them with enough oxygen can actually slow down the “aging” of your cells, keeping you skin fresh and young!

This unique treatment is causing waves in the media, check it out for yourself!
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