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6 Steps to Living Mindfully


by Paula Muran

What is Mindfulness? Being mindful is being aware of “who” you are and “how” you feel. Mindfulness is a non-reactive state of awareness.

When you react and get triggered, you are caught-up in the past and have not resolved your issues; you are defensive and hurt. Most people live life by blaming others, the economy or something external to themselves as the cause of their pain in life instead of taking responsibility for what they create.

Have you ever met someone who only talks about what happened yesterday or years ago? This is an example of unresolved issues and a fear of letting go of the past.

Living mindfully enables you to live more authentically, by accepting how you feel and what you think as it happens. Mindfulness is not automatic though. It’s a process to resolve the past and heal emotional situations.

Fear is a state of mind as is peace and love. To change the world you must first change you. Living from a place of personal truth and love is the best gift you can give yourself.

Through mindfulness you resolve your issues. Living mindfully means focusing your attention on how you feel in the present moment without placing judgment upon it. When you live with awareness, you are able to release the criticism or judgments placed on choices you make.

Without Judgment
Judgment is interesting because we are taught early in life about “right” and “wrong” and this causes you to view life through a lens of judgment. You tend to criticize everything and mostly you criticize yourself.

You feel the need to be perfect in order to deserve love. This belief stems from two earlier life patterns of “doing something wrong” and “I’m not enough” patterns. You then go through life believing you are broken and unworthy of love.

I encourage my students to “practice non-judgment”. No matter if they believe it’s a bad or good experience: have the experiences and stay neutral through it. This allows you to be present in the experience and live life with greater awareness.

To elevate your consciousness and experience the benefits of an enlightened mind and mindfulness you want to examine the relationship you have with yourself. It’s you that is most important in your life. Slow down and come back to you—the powerful inner you that has all the answers to all the questions and is your most powerful ally.

Mindful Actions Begin with You
Step 1: Relate experiences using the pronoun “me” or “I,” instead of “you.”
Step 2: Examine how you feel right now. Be in the moment, in this hour and even in this minute. Are you feeling hurt, sad, fearful or loving, happy and blissful?
Step 3: Stay neutral while you experience life.
Step 4: Take responsibility for your actions, without blaming others.
Step 5: Love yourself including the angry you and the unhappy you.
Step 6: Choose happiness every morning—no matter what.
Take the necessary steps toward a happy life and authentically.


Paula Muran teaches worldwide. Her journey began in 1977 when a guru informed her she would experience nirvana in this life. Nine years later, her mind silenced and she had a spiritual awakening.

Meditation master, yoga teacher, author and speaker Paula Muran will be presenting a Mindful and Meditation Retreat in Carefree, Arizona October 11. 2015. The program will offer meditation practices and experiential group work using the principles of mindfulness. During this intensive day retreat, Muran’s work will focus on calming the mind and resolving inner conflicts. Retreat attendees learn a powerful self-inquiry process created by Ms. Muran. Under her guidance, participants will explore new tools for conscious change in their lives.

The retreat is Sunday, October 11, 2015 from 1:00 to 5:00 pm at Spirit in the Desert. Reservations are required, and space is limited for maximum benefits. Early registration is $99.99 before September 10, afterwards $149.99. The retreat is open to men and women, couples and singles.

To register or for more information on this A New Enlightenment Retreat please call 602-412-3590 or visit, on Facebook @ANewEnlightenment.

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