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Advocate for Sustainable Living with Valley Permaculture Alliance


Help inspire sustainable living in the southwest. Valley Permaculture Alliance (VPA) aims to reduce obsessive and inessential energy uptake. Through the Shade Tree Program and Seed Library, VPA is creating a more energy-efficient society. Valley Permaculture Alliance is a strong believer that knowledge is power. By conducting classes on how to decipher the ingredients in pharmaceuticals, one can learn the keys to a healthier and more holistic lifestyle.

Improve your community by planting a tree! Since 2010, VPA has been working with Western Resource Advocates and Sierra Club-Grand Canyon Chapter to advocate their new program, Phoenix Green. Targeting to plant 100,000 trees over the next ten years, VPA looks to create a progressive energy reduction program. By planting trees on the east and west sides of buildings, shade increases and air conditioning use can be reduced. Not only can people reduce their electricity bill, but within 30 years, carbon dioxide emission will decrease by 15,000 metric tones for every 10,000 trees planted.

Have you ever checked into a seed library? At Valley Permaculture Alliance, anyone is welcome to utilize the seed library. By bringing in and checking out seeds, VPA advocates for a reproducible, local, and non-genetically modified seed bank. By eating and donating homegrown fruits and vegetables, donators play a vital role in the circle of life. Planting and re-using seeds allows one to better understand how nature functions and how individuals can contribute to nature’s growth.

For more information call (602)-535-4635 or visit Don’t forget to stop by the seed library at 5151 N. 19th Ave. Ste, 200 Phoenix, AZ 85015

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