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Allergy Season’s in Full Bloom: Be Proactive Now!


With Spring allergy season arriving, many may wonder what causes allergens to make us feel so miserable during this time of year? Although the allergens themselves are seen as the root of the problem, the immune system has shown to have a large impact on how our body reacts to these allergens. With the increasingly toxic state of our environment, the need to maintain a healthy immune system has become more of a priority. Nutrient defi-ciency is a well-known cause of immune system malfunction, which is important to con-sider when dealing with allergies.

Although many turn to traditional medications to help relieve symptoms caused by aller-gens, for others wanting true relief, the journey to recovery is best guided by natural solu-tions that treat the cause from the inside out. Antioxidants such as Vitamin C are helpful against histamine action. Vitamin C is an important nutrient needed to metabolize and eliminate histamine, prostaglandins, and leukotrienes, the main contributors to allergy symptoms. Additionally, it aids in detoxification of the liver to assisting in calming in-flammation.

Selenium, also a cofactor in detoxification and a working antioxidant, helps to boost the immune system and decrease the burden of toxic factors. Zinc supports intestinal health, which is extremely important considering that two-thirds of your immune system is in your gut; we must support its health to reduce allergies. Zinc also assist in reducing mast cell release of histamine. Magnesium works as a broncodilator, relaxing muscles and opening up the respiratory passages, allowing for more blood flow and detoxification. B vitamins provide the cellular energy needed to heal efficiently while lowering histamine and nourishing the body as a whole. Hydration is a large factor that we have to consider during allergy season as well. The more properly hydrated a person is, the easier cells can function and the more likely symptoms like mucus and inflammation will decrease.

Traditionally, it is believed that these nutrients can be obtained solely through our diets, and that allergy relief is available primarily through certain foods. This would still be a reliable method if the level of nutrients within our fruits and vegetables remained con-sistent. Unfortunately, globalization has led to large agricultural businesses taking over farms and performing degrading methods such as monoculture, resulting in pesticide use and loss of diversity. This causes overall nutrient loss within crops.

An extremely efficient way of ensuring that your body is getting the fortification it needs to fight off allergy effects properly is IV therapy. The Vitamin R Bar provides customers with the opportunity to do their immune system a favor by nourishing it, instead of covering up allergy symptoms and causing inconvenient side effects such as drowsiness like traditional medications do. This is a completely natural solution that replenishes essential vitamins and minerals to treat allergens on the spot, so that they do not lead to more serious inflammatory conditions like infections or asthma.

By combining all of the nutrients that have been proven to abate allergic response, Vitamin R Bar provides a reinvigorating method of restoration within a relaxed, spa like environment, encouraging complete renewal of the mind, body, and soul. It’s the refined nutrient drip bar for Phoenicians who strive for optimal wellness. Do your immune system a favor by taking a proactive step to increase resiliency and prevent the effects of these harmful allergens that cause the nagging symptoms we despise.

For more information on IV Therapy visit They are located at 4517 North 32nd Street, Phoenix, AZ 85018. Call (602) 840-4994 to schedule an appointment or book online. During the month of March, with allergy season in full bloom, they are offering a 20% discount of a package of 3 IV treatments.

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