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Have You Heard About the Ancient Superfood Ghee and its Benefits Yet?


From the Publisher Trina Becksted:

I got introduced to ghee when I had my first Ayurvedic consultation. A dear friend of mine, Ambaya (one of Deepak Chopra’s very first certified instructors in Ayurvedic healing), turned me on to this fabulous ”healthy butter” as I called it. Then a few years later I was reintroduced to ghee while traveling in more of my spiritual and yogic circles. It was Ruth Hartung, owner of 7 Centers for Yoga Arts in Sedona, who used it. I knew ghee was something I needed to incorporate into my diet, if I too wanted Enlightenment. It is easy to make, but for easy access check this out from a company called Fourth & Heart and order it online:

Ghee is a superfood with restorative properties that is similar to butter, but better for your health. This pure clarified butter is boiled and filtered three times to eliminate all milk solids making it dairy, casein and lactose free. Ghee is an essential healthy fat and a nutrient rich powerhouse with healing properties including:

1. High smoke point
2. No refigeration required
3. Lactose-free and dairy-free
4. High in butyric acid
5. High in omega fatty acids (omega- 9)
6. Rich in K-2 (10%)
7. Made of only short and medium fatty acids
8. Grass-fed Ghee is high in Conjugated Linoleic Acid
9. Reduces inflammation by helping rid body of excess bile
10. Better than butter!

Spotlight by crafting ghee in one-of-a-kind flavors of White Truffle, California Garlic, Himalayan Pink Salt, Madagascar Vanilla and original. Each one has a superb flavor profile and is a simple way to elevate any dish, both savory and sweet. From your morning oatmeal to walnut bolognese, there are endless uses for ghee. The ghee is grass-fed, pasture-raised, glyphosate free and lab tested to have less dairy than any other ghee on the market. They use only real ingredients to flavor their ghee rather than incorporating artificial “flavors.”

Founder Raquel Gunsagar is on a mission to educate consumers that ghee is a delicious and healthy fat that will do wonders for both your cooking and your health.

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