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Understanding the Flu and What you Can Do from the SVA Perspective


by SVAyurveda

Bugs alone can’t make us sick! What makes us fall into trouble? There are billions of microbes floating within and without us all the time.  It can’t be just the bugs or we’d be sick all the time – that’s if we survived their fatal attacks to start with!

Our immune system has perfected the art of isolating harmful bacteria and viruses and controls them so they cannot do us harm. We can survive in a toxic environment and allow them to live as well.  As long as we maintain Ayurvedic balance, our immune system does its work protecting us and we remain healthy.

Vaidya Mishra helped us understand the ayurvedic key to balanced health through the phenomenon of ‘field and seed’ theory: a beej (seed) planted in an infertile bhumi (field, or land) will not sprout. This applies to beneficial and toxic seeds. So by extending the logic, harmful microbes (seeds) will not sprout and root (causing imbalances and sickness) in a body (field) not fertile (non-supportive) for harmful microbes to survive and multiply.

How/Why Do We Get Sick in SVA Terms?


A Compromised Immune System

Excessive work, late nights, daytime sleep, stress, channel clogging food, low digestive fire and cold weather all contribute to weak immunity. When immunity is compromised, the bugs that would be neutralized as soon as they set foot inside the body end up multiplying… and we get the flu symptoms – achy muscles, congestion, sore throat, fever.

All of these factors that compromise our immunity ultimately boil down to two things: shrinking or blocking of the body’s channels and, you guessed it,  poor digestion! Poor routine and stress shrink the nadis (vibrational channels). Cold weather shrinks the shrotas (physical channels). Low digestive fire and/or bad food result in ama (toxins) which clog the shrotas.

When the channels are shrunken and clogged, ama (partially digested food) gets stuck in the channels and turns to amavisha (poison ama) due to fermentation. Amavisha is a highly acidic toxic material which sparks an inflammatory reaction. The immune system then tries to ‘put out the fires’ caused by amavisha and gets spread too thin to handle the normal invaders which enter our bodies all the time.

Any kind of toxin always makes the body fertile for pathogens.  Ayurveda describes this process with the aforesaid siddhanta (theory) of bhumi (land) and beej (seed).  A toxic body (land) becomes fertile ground for pathogens (seeds) to grow and further weaken their host.

Also, when the channels are blocked, nourishment circulating in the blood cannot reach all tissues effectively, thereby weakening them. And, waste products cannot get out of the tissues and be carried away by the blood as efficiently, if at all.  The result is acidification in the tissues. When invading microbes enter the body, they find a perfect growing environment with little resistance from the weakened tissues.

Your body knows how to defend itself against invaders. It was born knowing.

It just can’t function properly when it’s loaded down with toxins, undigested food, and blocked channels.

If you want to boost your immunity, the first step should be to look at your routine and diet.
Do you go to bed early?  When you stay up late you burn your body’s soma (cooling, nourishing intelligence of nature) and you don’t receive the soma that you would normally get when you sleep. This contributes to a build-up of acid in the body and further weakening of the immune system.
Are you stressed? Everyone knows that stress suppresses immunity.  Be responsible. Do you really have to do it all?  There are many ways to reduce stress… find the ones that work for you and do them.

Do you spend too much time on the computer? EMF shrinks the nadis (vibrational channels) and blocks the normal flow of prana in the body.  This can lead to head pressure, tension, and generalized pain anywhere in the body.  A lack of normal pranic flow also affects the agnis (digestion and metabolism) contributing to more ama, amavisha, and weak immunity.

What foods do you eat regularly? Try to avoid tomato, potato, bell pepper, eggplant, onion, garlic, winter squashes, soy, large beans, and bananas.  These foods either block or corrupt the body’s vibrational and physical channels, which automatically lowers immunity.  Cook with good spices, so that your food is satisfying and you don’t end up overeating and putting out your digestive fire.

Do you have slow digestion? Try eating food that is light and easily digested. Instead of consuming large portions of food, eat smaller portions more frequently.  Use spices in cooking or pre-toasted spices sprinkled on your food.  The Ayurvedic texts say that when agni (digestive and metabolic fires) are balanced no disease can occur.

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