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Beauty Habits to Start New by Top Model Dale Noelle


Dale Noelle, Founder and CEO: Dale was one of the fashion industry’s most successful and sought after fitting models for nearly two decades before she founded TRUE Model Management. During her career as a professional fit model, she learnt the importance of using beauty habits to maintain her appearance. Using amazing products will only be beneficial if those products are applied regularly.

Throughout the summer, you can work on improving the appearance of your hair, skin and nails simply through getting into a routine that incorporates the most basic (and essential) beauty habits into your life.

The key to healthy, gorgeous skin, nails and hair is consistency.

This summer, get yourself into 5 beautiful habits: daily vitamins, daily moisturizing, weekly face-masks, weekly hair oil treatments, and regular exercise

1. Vitamins

We have all heard the saying “Beauty comes from within.” Oh, how cliché, but also how true! You are made up entirely of cells. Your skin is the biggest organ on your body, with over 7 TRILLION cells! The cells that make up your skin are only as good as YOU make them. Each cell arises from a preexisting cell, and to make supple, healthy, and strong cells, you need to provide your body with the right building blocks. Taking vitamins each day ensures that your body is supplied with minerals, metals, and macromolecules necessary to carry out reactions, grow, and divide.

Most of your daily vitamins should come from your diet – eating healthy each day will promote cell growth and division and will provide you will lots of energy to tackle the challenges of the day. However, you may also want to take vitamins, as many diets (as well-planned and thought-out as they are) do not always fulfill all of our needs.

Beauty Habits for Each day:

If you are taking a multivitamin, make sure that the one you choose contains vitamins A, C, D, E, and K, as well as the minerals potassium, zinc, and iodine.
Each day, you should consume 600 mg of Calcium (whether through milk-drinking or taking tablets)
400 mg of Magnesium each day will help you to build strong, healthy cells. Magnesium is a necessity in our bodies, as it stabilizes most chemical reactions.
Vitamin D
Vitamin D plays an essential role in the health of our bones and helps to prevent bone cancer. Aim to take about 1000 IU of vitamin D each day.
Omega-3 Fatty Acids
These fatty acids are the “good kind” of fats and are found in fish, plants, and nuts. These kinds of oils lubricate our bodies from within – they nourish your joints, brain and heart. When searching for the right Omega-3 Fatty Acid, go for 600 mg of DHA daily.
Folic acid
Folic acid is used by our cells in the synthesis of DNA. Each one of your cells has a nucleus – a compartment that encloses DNA, which is the hereditary material of the cell. The DNA encodes all information that the cell needs to carry out its daily functions – it directs the synthesis of proteins, coordinates the order of all reactions, and produces most of the organelles found inside of the cell. Therefore, folic acid is a necessity – it helps you to make healthy and properly folded DNA strands, which then give rise to beautiful, healthy cells.

2. Daily moisturizing

Your skin needs and deserves daily moisture. You should apply moisturizer/lotion to all parts of your skin in the beginning of each day. Put your favorite moisturizer by your bed and once you wake up in the morning, apply it to your skin, simultaneously giving yourself a massage! Starting your day this way will prevent any dryness throughout the day. In addition, it will make you look and feel younger. The key to gorgeous skin is consistency: applying lotion each day will eventually even out your skin tone, will make your skin look suppler, and will help you to specifically target your trouble areas. Remember to use a lotion that includes sunblock – applying SPF in the morning will protect your skin all day long.

3. Face masks

Face masks are moisture galore! Made from basically any ingredient imaginable, face masks allow you to target your specific problem areas: honey and coconut oil for moisture, oatmeal for exfoliation, blueberries for sensitive skin, garlic for oily skin – the possibilities are endless. Treating yourself to a face mask every week will ensure that each week you are targeting something specific about your skin to improve its condition! Over time, you will achieve your desired results. In addition, facial treatments improve the overall condition of your skin, adding in moisture and nutrients that the skin cells can utilize for growth and reproduction. plus, who wouldn’t want a spa-like treatment to start the day with each Sunday morning?

4. Hair Oils

If you want to improve the condition of your hair, whether it be to make your hair shinier, stronger, or softer, weekly oil treatments are your best friend.

Our hair is always exposed to harmful agents – the UV rays from the sun, heat from styling tools, chemicals from styling treatments and mechanical breakage from hairstyling causes the hair to become weak, loose its shine and elasticity. To bring the life back into your hair and to make it stronger and thicker, oil treatments should be performed.

Oils penetrate the hair shaft and moisturize it from within. This causes the hair to be more elastic and less prone to breakage. Oils also coat the hair shaft and shield it from damage of chemicals and mechanical stress. Essential oils penetrate the follicle and aid in the production of gorgeous, strong and supple locks.

You can find plenty hair oil treatment recipes online, but here, we will demonstrate how you can make your own original hair oils to improve problems such as hair loss, hair dryness, breakage and dullness. Each treatment consists of two ingredients: a base oil and an essential oil. Adding essential oils into base oils will further tailor your oil treatments towards your problem area.

Base oils:

use base oils such as coconut oil, grapeseed oil, castor oil and avocado oil. Use a 10:1 ratio when making your oil treatments (10 parts base oil to 1 part essential oil). Base oils will penetrate the hair shaft and coat the hair to protect it and strengthen it. The oil will also make your hair shinier and stronger.

Essential oils:

essential oils are concentrated and will penetrate not only the hair shaft, but also the hair follicle, to improve the appearance of your hair from the very core.

Lavender essential oil will nourish dry and dull hair that is prone to split ends. This oil stimulates the sebaceous glands, or the oil-producing glands, in the scalp to produce more beneficial hair oils. Lemon essential oil can be paired with lavender essential oil, as lemon oil is a treatment for dry scalps and cures dandruff. It also has a brightening effect, treating any dullness that you may experience.

Cedarwood essential oil normalizes and balances oily scalps. It stimulates the hair follicles and promotes healthy circulation in the scalp to nourish each and every hair follicle. Patchouli oil is a treatment for oily hair, as it balances oil production in the scalp. it is also perfuming and can be applied undiluted to the skin for a lasting floral aroma!

Those of us suffering from hair thinning will benefit from using rosemary oil – rosemary essential oil promotes hair growth through improving microcirculation in the scalp as well as increase the ability of the hair to resist traction. Sage oil would be a wonderful addition to rosemary oil, as it is known and praised for its clarifying effects. Applied onto the scalp, sage essential oil will purify and cleanse your scalp, removing dead skin cells to promote new cell growth.

5. Exfoliation

Exfoliating the skin fully once a week will allow you to maintain your youthful glow. The surface of your skin is made of dead, keratinized cells. they are hardened proteins that serve to waterproof and protect our bodies. However, not exfoliating the top layer will lead to the appearance of flakiness and dullness; weekly exfoliation will promote healthy cellular growth, as well as allow the skin to breathe properly and absorb nutrients and minerals efficiently.

Weekly exfoliation will also help you to achieve smooth skin by revealing healthy cells. it will also unclog your pores, evening out your skin tone and making the skin look healthier and younger. You can use store-bought exfoliators or make your own by mixing coconut oil with brown sugar and coffee and scrubbing away in the shower!
About Dale Noelle, Founder and CEO : Dale was one of the fashion industry’s most successful and sought after fitting models for nearly two decades before she founded TRUE Model Management. During her career as a professional fit model, she worked for almost every mass retailer and major fashion company, as well as designers: Ralph Rucci for Chado, the late Oleg Cassini, Michael Kors, Calvin Klein, Oscar de la Renta, Ralph Lauren and many more.

Image source: http://www.selftanning.com/how-to-self-tan/

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