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Brain Tek: The Latest for Holistic Brain Health


By Ronna Prince

Most of us struggle from time to time with emotional and physical symptoms that result from the way we deal with the stress in our lives. When stressors become unmanageable, we can suffer from serious issues like anxiety, depressions, sleep problems, an inability to focus, physical pain and chronic illness. Counseling, spiritual practice, physical exercise and medication are sources of relief and well-being. Yet, sometimes none of these can free us from the pain and heal or comfort us completely.
In the brain, information is processed by creating connections to the existing memories and emotions that have developed from past experiences in our lives. Those early understandings (which create physiological connections, or neural pathways in the brain) inform and determine how we navigate through our lives. The connections in the brain that are based upon negative, difficult, traumatic or harmful experiences, if not healed, will be reinforced as we continue to repeat our learned patterns of behavior, leading to maladaptive thoughts and emotional patterns and eventually to dysfunctional responses to everyday life events.

Life coaches and therapists often run into situations where clients become “stuck”. Even the most motivated of clients can stall in their progress where cognitive, “positive thinking” and talk-based therapies are ineffective. This can leave helping professionals puzzled, unless they understand the power of “wired-in” default patterns based in the brain. Thankfully, there is a cutting edge process that can quickly and easily address the brain-based dysfunction.

Brain Tek Institute, of San Diego, California, has developed a sound-based entrainment protocol to rebalance and correct the way the brain works based on the simple premise that thoughts and emotions result in behaviors and actions. Behavioral Relationship Entrainment (BRE) is a combination of proprietary sound therapy and brain-based exercises that target systems in the brain where poor communication and function are leading to maladaptive emotional and functional patterns.

The program consists of neuro-electrical, neuro-chemical and neuro-physiological assessments over four to six weeks. The BRE practitioner administers an extensive questionnaire, called a neuro-electrical assessment, comprising of 150 questions, to establish a baseline of current brain function. This assessment will pinpoint the specific zones of the brain that are functioning poorly. Then, based upon the personal information gathered in the assessment, Brain Tek’s proprietary matrix customizes the client’s sound entrainment protocol. This personalized protocol consists of specialized audible and inaudible signals that communicate and correct the neuro-electrical frequencies of these brain-based patterns. The individualized sound entrainment protocols are embedded into pleasant music and delivered through stereo headphones. During the sound session, the therapeutic music works on up to four areas of the brain simultaneously.

The client listens to the protocols in the privacy of their own home, twice a day for twenty minutes 4 or 5 times per week. The sound therapy is delivered over the internet by logging into a personal Brain Tek client account. Starting in week 2, the client will begin to practice simple brain exercises that take 2 to 5 minutes. These exercises are geared to helping the client actively “manage their brain”. This is the “gold” of the BRE program. Once a client is able to manage their brain, they no longer default to old wired-in brain patterns, but are able to choose how to respond to situations in day to day life.

Through the sound entrainment protocols and exercises, the body can create alternative networks to assist the return to a balanced and optimally functioning brain. Each week the client meets with the BRE practitioner in person or by phone or Skype and completes a reassessment. The reassessment will result in a new protocol and the client’s weekly improvements can be seen in the changing results shown in the report of brain function that the client receives.

BRE rebalances the structure and function of the brain and provides clients with tools and techniques for managing thoughts and emotions. This simple, non-invasive program has proven to be effective for the clients that follow the simple instructions provided during the weekly meetings with their practitioner. Instead of their brains unconsciously driving their lives, clients are now driving their brains and choosing to create the life they want to experience.

Ronna Prince

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