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Is CBD the New Way to Treat Epilepsy?


by Matt Hansen

There is a growing appreciation for the use of CBD in the treatment of painful illnesses as well as the relief of everyday discomforts. People are turning to CBD as a dynamic healing agent. Products such as gummies are popular among CBD patients. These are a tasty way to enjoy healing properties such as calmness, sleep or muscle recovery. Other patients prefer their treatment in the form of CBD oils.

The market for CBD is growing. Personal testimonies continue to surface that show the incredible healing power of CBD. One heartwarming story is that of Charlotte Figi. Charlotte was a little girl who suffered a severe case of Epilepsy. Charlotte’s family was running out of treatment options. The Epilepsy was getting to be too much for Charlotte and she was placed on a “do not necessitate” order. When Charlotte’s family decided to make the final effort to treat their daughter with CBD, they had no idea what type of improvement it would be to their daughter’s condition. Charlotte is now going to school, going on hikes, and being a normal kid again. Five years ago, her family was ready to plan their goodbyes. They would have never known their child would be living such a free and wonderful life.

Charlotte’s story began her mom met the Stanley Brothers who created a high CBD tincture.  With the help of patients like Charlotte, the Stanley Brothers have inspired research and influenced the cannabis community. Their groundbreaking hemp genetics have transformed the way we think about botanical health. Their message is being featured in mainstream broadcasting such as CNN’s Dr. Sanjay Gupta. Efforts such as this are spreading a message in natural healing that has reached millions of people.

Publications like this are important because without the changing climate of legislation, children like Charlotte wouldn’t have as easy access to such incredible healing products. Current laws prohibit companies from adding CBD to food, drinks, and dietary supplements. Until recently, the only legal options for individuals struggling with epileptic seizures were prescription medication and these proved to be ineffective for many severe cases. Congress has realized that their current legislature is dated and is unfair to those who desperately need healing. The complete legalization and FDA regulation of CBD products will change the way people approach healing and open their minds to organic, natural, and holistic methods.

The perception of holistic healing from CBD is gaining positive momentum. It is growing into mainstream acceptance as powerful success stories are brought to light. We lean on legislature to provide the final stepping blocks for the CBD movement. Whether you suffer from extreme epilepsy, simple every day pain, or just need some relaxation, CBD can be a life-changing source for your healing and wellness needs.

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