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Chai Tea Benefits: Get a Better Sex Life


by Aimee Mays

According to the experts at Chime, the world’s first authentic chai brewer, coffee has loads of toxins and caffeine that may make you feel good, but it isn’t good for you. Upgrading to chai can make a world of change for you!

There is a lot of work and dedication into making the perfect up of chai and the people at Chime, do just that to make the experience of drinking chai a great one. There are five reasons that you need to dump the coffee out of your mornings and add chai to your menu.

1. You can drink 3 times as many cups of chai as you can of coffee.

White Espresso Cup filled with coffee beans Coffee has three times as much caffeine as chai does which isn’t good for the body and can lead to caffeine addiction over time. Chai is a more beneficial and safer route than coffee and the benefits are clear.

2. Chai heals you!

cardamom in wooden spoon What people don’t realize about coffee is that it has unhealthy chemicals in it like 2- Ethylyphenol and quinic acid. Chai actually supports well-being with high-antioxidant black tea and a health-promoting blend of spices like cardamom and cloves. Chai makes the body feel better and after you try it for yourself, you’ll notice the results.

3.  It’s an aphrodisiac.

cinnamon sticks and ground cinnamon

Never a bad thing to liven things up in the bedroom, right? Marsala chai contains cinnamon, an aphrodisiac that can increase your sex drive. Most people probably don’t realize that chai not only has health benefits but as well as living benefits as well. All coffee does is create a stimulant/crash cycle that doesn’t do much for you in any area, but especially the bedroom.

4. Tied to a bathroom? Not anymore.

Vintage bathroom sign; Hand pointing to the left with the work bathroom underneathCaffeine is a diuretic, (it makes you have to pee!), that means that being near a bathroom during your day after drinking caffeine is almost a necessity and can put a hindrance on your day if having to use the bathroom so much. So, say hello to chai and goodbye to bladder issues.

5. Chai naturally relieves stress.

Woman drinking hot beverage from white cupWhat can be better than having a stress-free day? Having an excess amount of coffee can release cortisol, which causes stress, and who wants that? Chai has a blend of ingredients, like cardamom and cinnamon, which contain calming and mentally clarifying effects. Having a natural calming glow to your day can change the course of it completely and not only make it a more pleasant experience but a more productive one at that!
The company, Chime, is on a mission to help Americans see the true benefits of chai and help them replace their coffee with a freshly naturally brewed cup of chai. You won’t feel the need for caffeine anymore once you give chai a chance and your body will thank you for it!

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