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Not All Olive Oil Is Created Equal


Madison Kneupper

Here at HHN, we have found that taking the time to purchase the right type of olive oil is well worth it in the end. Olive oil has proven to reap multiple health benefits when incorporated into your diet in moderation. Used heavily within Mediterranean culture and cooking, it could be a reason why people of the Mediterranean tend to live longer, healthier lives. When implemented in the kitchen, it has proven to prevent heart disease, improve metabolism, lower risk of diabetes, and boost immune system. Polyphenol, an antioxidant, is linked to blood sugar regulation and prevention of cardiovascular disease. Olive oil is rich in monounsaturated fats, which helps monitor cholesterol and heart health, as well as a source of vitamin E. Olive oil is a great substitute and can be used when marinating or cooking meats, heating vegetables, preparing eggs or even as salad dressing.

As of late, it has been increasingly difficult for many to walk down the isles of supermarkets and have confidence that we are choosing a brand or source of food that we can trust. Certain foods do not provide the proper nutrients and benefits unless you are purchasing the brand proven best quality or produced locally. Among others, olive oil is one of the products that should be chosen even more carefully to ensure you are getting the nutrients and benefits you are paying for and deserve.

You may have noticed when deciding on an olive oil there are multiple brands that carry different types, with various descriptions. Start by choosing one that is extra virgin, as it is more likely to contain polyphenols that provide the potential benefits. Keep in mind that most olive oil brands, especially those in stores, have failed to meet quality standards. The absolute best way to ensure that you are getting maximized benefits of your olive oil is to buy locally, although that isn’t realistic in environments that cannot grow olive trees. For those of who want to find top quality olive oil, Truth in Olive Oil provides access to a list of trustworthy producers all over the globe. Many of these can be bought online, making it convenient to access olive oil that is optimized to nourish our bodies. Take some extra time to buy a brand of olive oil that you can trust to perform at its highest potential. Your mind, body, and soul will appreciate it more than you know.

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