Curcumin Combined with Turmeric Essential Oils-Ease Colitis Pain

Curcumin Combined with Turmeric Essential Oils-Ease Colitis Pain


How do I ease Colitis pain? Colitis is a chronic disease of the colon, that causes inflammation of the bowels and in the digestive tract. Unfortunately, there is no cure for this disease. However, treatment can help. After a study conducted by scientists from Baylor Scott & White Research Institute and Sammons Center, and Baylor University Medical Center, it was discovered that combining curcumin with turmeric essential is a powerful way to attenuate colitis.


Turmeric is a spice that is commonly found in foods such as, curry. The spice is widely used throughout Asia and has a bitter taste to it. But turmeric is not just used within foods. The root, or the rhizome of turmeric is used for medicinal purposes. Turmeric is used to treat many different ailments such as:

  • Arthritis
  • Heartburn
  • Stomach pain
  • High cholesterol
  • IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome)
  • Skin inflammation
  • Radiation treatment, and many more!


What is Curcumin? Curcumin is a type of ginger that is a component of the Indian spice, turmeric. There are three different curcuminoids within turmeric and curcumin is just one of the three. These curcuminoids give the turmeric its yellow color. The way curcumin is obtained is through the dried rhizome of the turmeric plant. The rhizome is them processed and turned into curcumin. This ingredient has spiked many people’s interest because of its medicinal qualities. Curcumin is a very potent anti-inflammatory agent and it has also been known to play a role in treating cancer and even reducing the spreading of tumors. It prevents the spread of tumors by interrupting the cell cycle and killing off the cells of the tumors.

There are many different uses for essential oils, for instance, if you want an all-purpose cleaner just add 3 drops of lemon oils and tea tree oil to some warm water. Or if you want clean air, just diffuse cinnamon oil into the air because it has anti-microbial properties. Essential oils have been used for thousands of years throughout a multitude of cultures. By extracting and distilling different parts of the plants, essential oils are then created. Today, essential oils are growing rapidly in popularity because of they act as a natural medicine with no side effects. You can cook with them, clean with them, and even find natural remedies with them. I guess you could say that essential oils are pretty essential!

Essential Oil

Now, turmeric essential oil is an impressive natural health agent because it has anti-inflammatory properties and antioxidants. Alongside those two properties, turmeric oil is also an anti-allergic, antibacterial, antimicrobial, antifungal, anti-parasitic, antiviral and anti-worm treatment. According to Ayurvedic medicine, turmeric is an energizing herb that should support the Kapha body type. Read more about which body type, or dosha you are here!

While both curcumin and curcumin combined with the essential turmeric oil help reduce the severity of colitis, the curcumin combined with the turmeric essential oils showed better results with maintaining a healthy body weight and significantly lowered intestinal bleeding. Studies show that the anti-inflammatory properties of the combined products were also significantly increased compared to the anti-inflammatory properties or curcumin by itself.

If you have Colitis, try pairing curcumin and essential turmeric oils together to reduce the force of the pain. For those that just want to experience the wonderful properties of turmeric oils, give it a try! Turmeric oil is available at Walmart for $12. It is a natural remedy to a lot of different ailments and it has no side effects! Once again, essential oils are an amazing multi-purpose tool and turmeric oils just so happens to be one of the most useful ones!

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