pile of cranberry beans

Don’t Forget About the Cranberry Bean!


With more than a third of the U.S. population falling into the obese category and another third medically labeled as overweight, the overall health of this nation is deteriorating.

One way we can address this issue, is to take a closer look at the food we are putting in our bodies. In a fast-food culture, sometimes we are unaware of the trans-fats, hydrogenated oils and preservatives we ingest on a daily basis.

Having an extensive knowledge of foods and healthy living is a great tool in avoiding the obesity epidemic. One way to educate yourself is to look at particular foods and herbs that are rich in nutrients and high in healing attributes. These are essential to a healthy body and soul.

One such food is the cranberry bean. When you hear the word cranberry you probably think of the juice lining the aisles at the grocery store and you might not associate with the word ‘cranberry’ with beans, but maybe you should.

The Cranberry Bean

Cranberry beans, also called shell beans and borlotti, are a superfood. These beans are full of wonderful nutrients and are very high in fiber and protein. They are great in helping maintain a healthy weight and digestive system.

They get their name from the red marks on the white and cream-colored beans but change to a brownish color once cooked. After they are cooked, they have a creamy flavor similar to nuts.

You might be wondering how to eat these nutritious beans. Well, they can be substituted for other types of beans in most recipes. They can also be used as a salad topping and as an ingredient in soups. Some other ideas for dishes that include cranberry beans include baked cranberry beans with cheese or cranberry bean hummus.

To purchase cranberry beans, go to your local heath food store and they should be readily available.

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