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How Do You Nourish & Hydrate your Relentlessly Dry & Itchy Winter Skin?


by SVAyurveda

Did you know that cold weather not only gives you dry, itchy, flaky skin, but it actually ages your skin by depleting its friendly bacteria?

With seasonal changes, our doshic imbalances shift to reflect the new temperature conditions. For our skin, this can wreak havoc in doshic terms because vyana vata, bhrajak pitta, and shleshak kapha all go off creating dry itchy flaky skin that is hard to remedy.

But we’ve learnt with Vaidya that even extreme harsh weather conditions can bring some gifts for our physiology! No matter the season, it’s always a great time for health! No matter where one lives, perfect weather does not exist all the time everywhere, so we have to learn to make the most out of existing conditions. And it is possible to get great benefit for the skin and physiology out of any climactic condition – given proper self-care knowledge.

Every season is beautiful and every season comes with its own gifts! When cold weather results in dryness of the skin, it is because the body is not able to support and hydrate the skin internally due to shrunk micro and macro channels. The lipid and water components of the skin get depleted as internal nourishment to the skin is slowed down and sometimes fully blocked. If, in addition to this, external weather conditions are excessively cold and windy, they also deplete and dry up the skin externally. So your skin becomes internally and externally starved for nourishment and lubrication.

The best route, in this case is to opt for transdermal nutrients – since the internal pathways are blocked off, support can be more effectively given externally and transdermally! In this scenario, the skin is even more ready to absorb transdermally and get fully hydrated and rejuvenated.

So what actually happens to the skin, in doshic terms, in the wintertime? Here is how Vaidya explained it.

Vata Goes Way Further Off with Dryness…

Vyana vata gets aggravated in the winter time due to 2 reasons:

Our physical circulatory channels shrink due to the cold weather, and end up getting blocked. When they get blocked, moisture and the shleshak kapha in our cells is unable to move. When shleshak kapha is not free to circulate it cannot complete its task of lubricating the body and dryness results; drying cold wind creates even more dryness externally, killing the friendly bacteria that live in the skin, further depleting our skin, and bringing about premature wrinkling and sagging.

It’s ideal to use creams or lotions or oils that carry aromatic channel opening essential oils, such as: Peppermint; Camphor; Ajwain; Sage; Rosemary. These help dilate the circulatory channels, so the Shleshaka can move freely through. Vaidya always prepared these herbs in his ancestral SVA methods to yield herbal synergies that would deeply moisturize the body from within, as they relaxed and detoxed the clogged channels. Open channels and intelligently infused herbal ingredients help keep vyana vata in check.

Pitta People Get Even More Hot!

Bhrajak pitta gets aggraveted in the cold weather, particularly for pitta type predominant people, because the circulation of heat in the body also gets obstructed due to the shrunk channels. Due to the blocked and poor circulation, their skin becomes more sensitive to the sun. This is further aggravated by the lack of the lubricating factor – shleshak kapha – which is also slowed down or blocked due to poor circulation.

Using ingredients such as those in the tridoshic lotion, for example lemongrass, help reduce photosensitivity and nurture pitta sensitive skin. In addition, the Aloe and Vegetable glycerin in the lotion, along with the Neem, all 3 together, help pacify and nourish bhrajak pitta.

Kapha Gets Heavier and More Clogged Up!

Shleshak kapha gets blocked and accumulated due to shrunk channels. In order to be balanced, it needs plants and herbs with agneya, or warming, prabhava or ultimate action. Vaidya used herbs such as Holy Basil, whose mildly warming properties, along with Peppermint, Rosemary, Calendula, and Citronella, relax our channels to let the shleshak kapha flow through and moisturize and lubricate our channels.

The overall, in-depth cellular nurturing effect and efficacy of Vaidya’s tridoshic massage oils and lotions helps even further with long term use. The benefits of the herbs get absorbed readily transdermally into your skin, traveling deep into your cells, and retain there, supplying moisture and hydration leaving you with a supple smooth skin.

Regular use of the massage oils first thing in the morning, even if for a quick few minutes, will also help support the immune system of your skin, nourishing all the friendly bacteria by supplying them with prebiotic, specially when you apply the tridoshic lotion that contains Aloe and Vegetable glycerin that supports their growth. In addition, many of the essential oils used in the formulas have scientific research showing their anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties, which makes the oils and the Tridoshic lotion great to use on your feet, to help prevent local fungal infections, as well as keep your hands sanitized when you are out and about in the world during this year’s intense “flu season!”

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