piece of art from the ascension series; pictured woman with black hair and skin painted red standing in the center of a black background with her eyes closed and the cosmos circling her brain

The Extraterrestrial Couple Shaking Up the Art World, Radical POP Art that is Shifting Consciousness


Los Angeles, CA- House of Orion, LA’s newest art-house, announces the opening if its online gallery to showcase original works from Avant-garde and classically trained artists. Exhibits include paintings, drawings, photographs, films, digital art and sculptures.

The gallery founders, Marie-Pier Tremblay and Julian Prolman launched the House of Orion with their own co-collaboration in a three-part series entitled; Ascension, Butterfly and Fall from Grace. To view the galleries debut collection visit: www.arthouseoforion.com

“House of Orion is here to use the power of art to transcend earthly boundaries by promoting provocative, supernatural imagery and spiritually centered, mystical art by uncommon, other-world inspired art” said co-founder Julian Prolman.

ASCENSION is the premier photographic exhibition series Photographed by Julian featuring model Marie-Pier. The series depicts thought provoking imagery with a vibrant message, the need to heal the planet. A lone woman not of this earth manifests to connect with nature and feel her pain.

“Releasing creative energy is my gateway to source, a voyage to the heart of divinity. From this place I can express my thoughts and emotions in physical form. It’s a journey that brings me to a state elation. It is my hope to connect with art enthusiasts in this way” said co-founder Marie-Pier Tremblay.

Invitation-only, pop-up exhibitions will be held at out-of-the-ordinary venues. Interested invitees can sign up to be on the guest list at on the website.

For more information contact:


Phone: 415 827 1051


About Marie-Pier

Marie-Pier Tremblay (Signature “Mara”) is from Montreal and of Moroccan heritage. Marie-Pier is a polymathic creative with a diverse artistic repertoire that includes; poetry, drawing, photography, modeling, art direction and visual storytelling.

Marie-Pier’s creations purposely express primal emotions through wondrous, nature based imagery to activate humankind’s repressed common desire to escape the illusion of the physical world.

About Julian Prolman

Julian Prolman is a social-entrepreneur from San Francisco and of Moroccan heritage.

From an early age, Julian has been involved in various aspects of the music industry from creative to concert production. Julian studied fine art and fashion along with marketing and communications in London. In 2012 Julian established Eco Fashion House, Ministry of Tomorrow, with the company’s flagship, luxury, vegan bag and accessory factory located in Nairobi, Kenya. Julian co-founded House of Orion with his beloved and partner Marie-Pier Tremblay. He is a photographer, artist and art director who manages the production and promotion of the gallery events.


Photo Credit: House of Orion, Ascension Series

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