Giselle Koy

Giselle Koy Presents the Conscious Media Festival


March 2-4 Austin 2018

Check out As the Earth Rumbles… By Giselle Koy.

October 6, 2017

The Earth is rumbling. And as it shakes, sleeping giants awaken. All sacred technology, texts, devices, rejuvenation chambers, crystals from unknown origins, pyramids, mounds, temples, altars and treasures are being awakened too. These objects: hidden, buried, stolen, seized, hoarded and guarded will emerge, beyond ownership, claim, rights of state, rites of church, and earthly laws.

Offices of the Vatican and Offices of the Bishop of Canterbury are on notice. These positions of false gate-keepers will step aside as gold, jewels, currency and advanced technology will activate, unleashing and assisting with the “consciousness renaissance.”

Keep putting your crystals in the ground and let them serve as capacitors for this new surge of freshly awakened power coming into being.

For this is Ascension Power: beyond the beyond. It is the power of purity, of love and a life we have yet to know on Earth. Walk as a pillar in this power and quicken the process.

Great change is here.


From our Publisher, Trina Becksted, “This article is a prelude to the high level vibrational content that will be shared at the conference”. Giselle Koy talks about how the Conscious Media Festival is a way for “conscious media creators, influencers, artists, etc. to revolutionize the power of media”. If this applies to you than look no further, this is the festival for you! Tickets on sale now!                                  


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