The Good, The Bad, The Carbohydrates


By: Erin Laughlin


Everywhere you look there are delicious items such as cake and cookies. They are so enticing because of their yummy appearance and delicious taste. Most people think that carbohydrates are only in these deliciously sweet treats, but carbohydrates are EVERYWHERE. They are in things like soda, candy, sugar, rice, spaghetti, and cereal. However, some carbohydrates are good for your body and some are not.


Carbohydrates are the prime energy source for your body. The “bad” carbohydrates, also known as the simple carbohydrates, are very easy for your body to digest. These are the basic sugars your body ingests. They are very easy for your body to break down which only provides you with small spurts of energy throughout the day. Junk food is very high in sugar but low in fiber, making the foods that fall under this category unhealthy. Eating immense amounts of simple carbohydrates will not only cause your energy to decrease halfway through the day, but it will also cause you to gain weight in the long run. Fruits and vegetables fall under the category of simple carbs, but because they are higher in fiber, they are ultimately healthier for you and provide your body with energy that will last throughout the day.


“Good” carbs are also known as, complex carbs. These are carbohydrates that are more difficult for the body to break down because they contain longer chains of sugar molecules. Complex carbs like fruits, vegetable, beans, and whole grains are also full of fiber and these carbs will not cause spikes in blood sugar. Because they are harder and more complicated to break down, this provides your body with longer continuous energy that will last throughout the day. Scientifically speaking, the complex carbs will lower the glycemic load and this will provide you with more consistent energy.


Kids are always told to eat their vegetable and to not eat a lot of sugar. But pretty much every child wants sugar at all hours of the day. If that were to happen, not only would they not be getting the proper nutrients they need to grow up healthy and strong, but their energy levels would be misaligned. Causing them to have high amounts of energy for short periods of time, and having a sugar crash at the end of the day. Also, they are more likely to act out and not be as focused in school. When kids eat their fruits and vegetables, they are getting the proper nutrients they need. They are also less likely to misbehave and they will be more focused in school resulting in better grades. The same goes for adults at work. Although adults are less likely to consume as much sugar as a child, some people think that a quick cookie can give them the energy they need to finish the paperwork they have in front of them. Which is simply not the case.


Overall, try to stay away from foods that are low in fiber and high in sugars. To provide your body with more nutrients and energy stay away from bad carbs, and start incorporating more good carbs into your diet. Carbohydrates are an essential part of the human diet, just make sure you are eating the right ones to live a healthy longer life.

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