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How Do Crystals Have the Ability to Heal Us?


Madison Kneupper for Holistic Healing News

Crystals are a fascinating product of mother nature that begin as gas and liquids in the Earth’s core, forming into whimsical shapes, sizes, colors, and vibrations as combinations of rock and minerals rise to the surface of the Earth. For centuries, cultures have been fascinated with the mystery and aesthetic beauty held within crystals and gemstones. While anyone can appreciate their raw beauty, it is valuable to become aware of how these objects can have healing potential.

Like all matter, the particles within these crystals as well as our human bodies are never sitting still, even when they appear to be. The energy that is constantly moving around at different rates results in different unique vibrations within. A crystal’s molecules are arranged in slightly different geometrical patterns, much like those inside of our bodies. Yet the crystal’s geometric pattern remains at its original frequency, allowing it to have a grounding effect on the energy surrounding the crystal. As we advance, many have realized the healing power of these vibrational frequencies in relation to each of our own unique energies, or chakras.

Chakras are often described as wheels of energy throughout the midline of the body that are very easily influenced and become unbalanced in certain situations, whether it be physical or mental. To receive proper flow of universal energy, our chakras must be opened and properly circulating. Since different types of crystals hold various energetic characteristics, healers will intentionally place a certain crystal within the aura of a body space to help restore harmony within. Essentially, these gems tune us into the natural vibrations of the universe that we were born with.

If you have yet to own a crystal or gemstone here are a few ways you can explore their potential benefits:
• If your somewhere that has gems available for purchase, choose one that you resonate with or are drawn to, it’s best to go with your intuition (and even better when the crystal finds YOU)
• When your feeling a lack of clarity or you just want some peace in your day, try simply sitting with a crystal, holding it in your palm or even meditating with it in your space
• Place certain gems near your bed or under your pillow to aid in peaceful sleep and dreams
• Adorn yourself with crystal jewelry if you wish or simply keep them in your pocket or purse throughout the day
• Crystals can also serve as a thoughtful gift for a friend or family member going through a rough patch
• You can place gems around your house or on your window sill, in addition to the calming feel, they are beautiful decoration

The key to proper crystal healing is being mentally open to receive the energies that the gem radiates. If one does not wish to heal and surrender themselves to the process, it is unlikely that they will be able to challenge their issues and let go to this healing opportunity. With intention and positive thought gems can aid us in letting go of whatever is interrupting our flow. With this, can come relieving clarity and the ability to look at situations in a new way, much deeper intuition, self-realization, physical healing, along with many other possibilities depending on the type of crystal.

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