Holistic Healing News’ Winter Gift Guide 2020


The latest gift ideas to celebrate your LOVE

Greetings to our subscribers and readers! Valentines Day is now past and was an opportunity to cultivate more love and gratitude. Celebrate love in your life whether it’s self-love, romantic love, or the love of family and friends. Simple and profound, from ancient times to the modern era, we are taught that the practice of giving and receiveing love and gratitude cultivates well-being and peace.

Enjoy this array of our top 10 favorite winter gift picks for 2020!. We have enjoyed curating these items for you. Whether it’s diamonds, a session of esoteric acupuncture, a unique facial, a CBD balancing tonic, or a financial gift to those in need, our intention is to offer something for everyone. Have fun exploring!

Our heartfelt wishes for a loving 2020!

Heart to Beat

by Dr. Brian Lima


A cardiac surgeon’s inspiring story of success and overcoming adversity – the heart way

The child of immigrant parents, Dr. Lima had to fight the odds to become one of the country’s top heart transplant surgeons. In ‘Heart to Beat’ he shares his personal story, providing inspiration and advice for anyone who wants to find happiness and success.

Amazon price 14.99

Floo-id Yoga


If you are looking for the best hot yoga in Scottsdale and Phoenix, it’s Floo-id Yoga. They are so confident in their staff and facility that they offer a money back guarantee on their introductory special. Floo-id yoga offers a wide variety of yoga classes, heated and non-heated, to help you become the best version of yourself. Hot yoga is intensely physical and spiritually vibrant. It cultivates strength, flexibility, balance, and inner peace. One of our favorite non-heated classes even incorporates sound healing. The staff and array of classes is superb.  Heal what ails you, get your joints moving and release old trauma and injuries.  How can you resist new clients get unlimited yoga for a month for just $20 if you enroll in February.

Cornelis Hollander Jewelry Designs


Whether you’re looking for a one-of-a-kind piece of jewelry or you have an heirloom you want to transform, Cornelis Hollander Designs will work with you to make your vision real. They feature bold, unique jewelry design with a diverse array of choices and will help you design or choose a piece that you adore.

Diamond engagement rings starting at $5,000.00 designed by the late award winning international designer himself.   They are timeless works of art and our personal jeweler!

Smile Train


Smile Train is an international children’s charity with a sustainable approach to a single, solvable problem: cleft lip and palate. They focus on training local doctors to perform cleft repairs in their communities. These doctors then train other doctors to perform the surgery, creating a long-term solution and new aesthetic life for a child.

$125.00 donation, covers 1/2 of one child’s cleft repair



Organic Balance Tincture

Elixinol’s tinctures are certified USDA Organic and are crafted with CBD rich organic whole hemp extract blended with organic coconut oil. By using full-spectrum hemp oil, the tincture is not only full of CBD but provides the complete range of complementary cannabinoids. The company’s vision is to globally educate, inspire, and empower others to live naturally healthy happy lives.


Pearls of Oriental Medicine


Pamela Wallach is a teaching acupuncturist and our favorite acupuncturist!  Her practice has a strong focus on fertility, obstetrical, and gynecological health, including menopause and irregular menstrual disorders. The wisdom of the body has the ability to transform and heal itself given the opportunity. Pamela has been practicing Esoteric Acupuncture treatments since 2005. Gift yourself or someone else with a visit to this very talented healer.  Consultations available via phone with an array of herbs to support your wellness journey.



Calm CBD Mints

If you want to unwind or could use some help centering yourself in the middle of a hectic day, these mints help soothe your body and mind to feel calm and in control again. Lucent’s unique blend of CBD, organic terpenes, and natural herbs is non-psychoactive and specifically targeted to activate your body’s natural abilities to feel calmer. The Cannabinol Isolate is derived from industrial hemp grown in Colorado and is 99.5% pure. We can vouch for these mints. They are a personal favorite.


Doctors Without Borders


Doctors Without Borders is a non-profit international medical humanitarian organization. DWB provides emergency aid to people affected by war, epidemics, famine, natural or man made disasters and areas where there is no healthcare available. It is an independent global movement providing aid where it is needed most and provides this help to everyone, regardless of race, religion, or political beliefs. These dedicated physicians travel to the most war torn landscapes,  risking their own lives to save lives

$100.00 donation

Bryant Rushing Beauty


Enjoy an elegant and intimate setting where you’re supremely pampered and receive a world famous facial treatment from Cheryl Bryant-Rushing. It’s personalized to your skin type and its unique genetic presentation. A generous amount of time is spent consulting with you as you embark on this journey of transformation for your skin. Aromatherapy, natural products, and hand-made masques accompany your experience.  Red Carpet the latest in peptides is one of Cheryl’s newest products.  Her line of skin care can be shipped anywhere in the world.  Cheryl is the best aesthetician we know.   Call for a consultation to learn more about your needs as and what products will make you fall in love with your healthy renewed skin!.

Two hours  $185.00

Blind Spot Oracle Cards


What are you not seeing? The Blind Spot Oracle Card Deck is designed to specifically tell you what you’re not aware of relative to any subject in your life. This is not a regular positive focus deck. The Blind Spot Oracle Card Deck shows you reality.

Amazon price $42.45

Available March 3, 2020

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