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Hey Husbands! Here’s a Recipe for a Happy Wife and Marriage


By Maddie Santiago

Finding the woman you want to spend the rest of your life with is no small feat. Keeping your marriage alive and thriving might be easier than you think. Being a better husband will not only improve the strength of your marriage, but both you and your wife will be happier and healthier people overall. Although women can seem hard to please sometimes, usually it’s the little things that make the most impact on a marriage. So don’t worry; you don’t need to plan an extravagant getaway to Europe or some island paradise. We’ve compiled five easy tips to be better husband and most of them are free (or at least very cheap).

Sit Beside Her

If you and your wife tend to sit in different areas, or even different rooms, it’s time to make a change. Even if you’re not doing the same thing, simply sitting close to one another can improve your relationship. The physical distance between couples can effect and display the level of emotional distance between them. Couples who regularly sit near each other, also tend to be more affectionate in their marriage. So whatever the situation may be, whether you are watching TV, reading, or socializing at a dinner party, sit within close proximity to your wife.

Give Her Flowers

Even if your wife says she doesn’t like receiving flowers, odds are she does. A fun idea is to give her flowers every day for a month; February or the month of your anniversary are good choices. Now this doesn’t mean buying a bouquet every day. This can be a single flower, a flower you pick from your front yard, or even a little drawing on a note you leave on the kitchen counter. If you don’t go for the every-day-in-the-month challenge, a bouquet or simple flower once in a while is a simple way to brighten up her day and keep the love alive.

Do the dishes

Although men and women now work just as many hours a week, in most households, the wife does the majority of the domestic duties. Doing some housework can be incredibly helpful to your wife. But here’s the trick: doing something she asks you to isn’t the same, you have to just do it on your own. A major predictor of a happy marriage, according to women, is a man’s willingness to do chores. So doing some chores around the house will make your wife very appreciative and happy in her marriage.

Talk (and Listen!)

Now this seems easy, but the majority of talking in a marriage tends to be about the kids, the bills, or car repairs. More meaningful conversation can do wonders in a relationship. Talk about the movie you watched together, what you liked, and didn’t like. Ask her about her day. Also, when she asks about your day, a simple “Fine, how was yours”, isn’t good enough. Be detailed because she genuinely wants to know. An important part of this is that you listen to what she says and that you remember. Important conversations can lead to being more knowledgeable of your wife and being more in-sync with each other.

Be a Team

Acting as a team is an essential part of marriage. Your language can show this by saying “we” instead of pronouns like “I”, “me”, and “you.” It is found that couples that use the word “we” are better at resolving conflicts and making hard decisions together. They are also less stressed and more positive. Being a team will make your marriage stronger and make you feel better in your life overall.


Trying out these simple tips can do wonders for your marriage and your life. The good thing is that love don’t cost a thing! (Except maybe some flowers once in while.)


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