4 Ivy Press Books about Healing with colorful covers

Ivy Press: Discover the Secrets of Healing


by Aimee Mays

Ivy Press, an inspiring publisher has created a line of books that are all about healing! Ivy Press specializes in innovation and prospering subjects and these books are just that. It is a series of books that are the “Secrets Of…” and they go in depth with healing arts that anyone can participate in. Some of the books are Secrets of Ayurveda, Secrets of Reiki, Secrets of Meditation, and Secrets of Reflexology. What is so great about these books is that they are user friendly, attractive to the eye and accessible to anyone who wants to further their healing education.

Ivy Press: Secrets of Ayurveda

This is the perfect guide for anyone who wants to learn and discover more about the ancient practice of science and philosophy for optimum well-being. It teaches how to adjust your diet and lifestyle to improve your health.

Ivy Press: Secrets of Reiki

This books focuses on how simple and direct this form of hands-on healing is as well as its China roots. The book addresses the inner-working of energy that reiki provides for healing with a guide for not only beginners but experienced students as well.

Ivy Press: Secrets of Meditation

This books dives into the ancient practices of the power of meditation. It aids in learning how to build a greater concentration, emotional stability, and positive effect in everyday life.

Ivy Press: Secrets of Reflexology

This book studies the inner workings of how foot massage can help treat health problems. It helps people learn and identify the zones in the feet and hands to apply pressure to and alleviate physical pain and symptoms.

The photography in these books is exemplary and helps convey more clearly what the authors are teaching us. One thing to take away is that the books focus on the healing arts and are performed by healers. With that said,  you can still do these healing practices at home for your loved ones. Anyone can perform these healing arts!

If you want to educate yourself about health and healing these books are a great outlet and we highly recommend you give them a try. They are available at any of these sites for purchase: Amazon, Barnes & Noble, IndieBound, Indigo, and Books a Million.

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