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Kombucha: What You Should Know About This Medicinal Beverage


Kombucha: A fermented pro-biotic (pro-life) beverage from a kombucha culture (of beneficial bacteria). The fermentation includes teas, wild herbs and a sweetener. We use organic white sugar.

What are the most important benefits of kombucha?

It balances the acids in the stomach helping entire digestive system, from there forms alkalies which in turn alkalize the rest of the body.  Kombucha clears the way for the body to digest properly and very importantly assimilate all the nutrients coming in. Many people don’t receive all the amazing nutrients, vitamins and minerals that they are ingesting, but Kombucha absorbs them right in.  Kombucha is also one of most amazing detoxifiers and helps chelate and remove heavy metals and toxins received from environmental conditions, food and water.  In this detox process, it’s crucial to drink a good amount of water while drinking kombucha to help release these unwanted toxins from the body.

How much alcohol does this kombucha have?

0.5 percent, the same as a glass of fresh squeezed orange juice. This amount of alcohol actually helps deliver the medicinal properties into the body just like an herbal tincture.

How much should I drink a day?

Kombucha is medicine! Each person will be different. Please tune in with your body and listen to what’s most serving for you.  Often people new to kombucha will start with a few ounces twice a day.  Some experience drinkers can do 12 to 16 ounces in a day.  It is all by one’s own body wisdom.

What kind of water do you use for the base of the brew?

Fresh-harvested spring water from Sedona straight from the source directly into the teasteep and starting of the brew.  This mineral rich, alive water makes a healthier kombucha.

Why isn’t this kombucha as carbonated as the store brand?

The carbonation naturally occurs in the fermentation process when kombucha is bottled and sealed as it’s going through an anaerobic process which creates pressure.  Also, black teas create more carbonation to occur.  Kejiwa utilizes lesser processed white teas and hand picked wild herbs.  If you love it carbonated, just leave it capped for a few days!

What is Cohmbeesha and why a new name?

Cohmbeesha is a new elixir created by Kejiwa only available through us. We create a special kombucha with 111 herbs and essences and then double-ferment it with raw local honey for a smooth, divine nectar!

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